Luxury Halloween Chocolates From Fortnum & Mason

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And if you wanted some cheap trick or treat chocolates there’s a good variety to choose from at A Quarter Of.

Fortnum & Mason Halloween The Confectionery CasketSo I haven’t been hugely fanatical about chocolate from Fortnum & Mason in the past but I’m massively intrigued by their Halloween chocolates as they’ve got some really imaginative stuff like a Confectionery Casket which will set you back £50.00. In it though you’ll get a load of chocolate skulls made with liquorice and some “bone-encrusted” milk chocolate” Whether it’s worth £50 is another thing as I certainly won’t be shelling out that much to try it. If anyone wants to send me one I’ll happily try, but I doubt very much that’ll happen.

They’ve also got a Trick or Treat Party Box for £60 which doesn’t contain a great deal either. For that amount of money you get some marzipan skulls, chocolate witches’ fingers, fizzy jelly worms and gingerbread skulls -you’ve really got to love your kids and their friends to spend that much!

Fortnum And Mason The Cauldron BasketAnd if that isn’t what you’re looking for, Fortnum & Mason also have a Cauldron Basket which contains jelly worms, chocolate witches’ fingers, a tube of eyeballs – obviously made out of confectionary and not real human being body parts! as well as exploding toads – now they could be interesting!

But when you actually investigate a bit further then it doesn’t seem that bad value really. Take for instance, the Exploading Toad, its actually made out of Valrhona chocolate and not some naff tasting, factory made, chemical including rubbish. This is top quality stuff. Next time in London I’ll try and get some to review.

You could also try Hotel Chocolat who have a wide range of Halloween Chocolates at reasonable prices.

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