Football Chocolates

Whether you’re buying chocolates for a son’s or brother’s birthday, or even as Christmas chocolates, it seems that football chocolates are becoming increasingly popular. When I’ve been in Thorntons stores I see a great number of girls interesting in their various football chocolates too. Its big business. But what sort of football chocolates are there to buy online? Well he’s a quick run through.

Thorntons Milk Chocolate Shirt

Thorntons Milk Chocolate Football ShirtThorntons do a 100g milk chocolate shirt that can be personalised with icing for just 50p. The idea, it would seem is that you can put the name and number of your child’s favourite footballer on the back. 100g isn’t big, its about the size of a normal dark chocolate bar, so it won’t fill them up, but it would be nice if you’re looking to buy someone a personalised chocolate gift for their birthday or Christmas. You can also get a chocolate football kit form >Ye Olde Friars of Keswick
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Milk Chocolate Football Coins

Chocolate Football CoinsMost children probably doesn’t get the thing at Christmas where we give each other chocolate coins, but any child football fan I’m sure would love to get these football styled chocolate coins. They’re 11g each and made with 28% minimum cocoa so they’ve got a good deal more than most Cadbury and Nestle chocolate products. I’ve not tried them myself, but I can’t imagine them being not worth the £4.08 for a pack of 10.
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Thorntons Chocolate Football Boot

Thorntons Chocolate Football BootThis chocolate football boot from Thorntons is a fairly decent 180g and does have a good amount of detailing. They also do have the ability to put your child’s name on it for another 50p. Obviously its not made with their finest chocolate, but even their “house” chocolate is still good quality. Just make sure your son or daughter doesn’t try and put it on their feet as I doubt they’ll get too far!
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Chocolate Football Pizzas

Football Chocolate PizzaThis Footballer’s chocoholic pizza is made out of pretty darn good milk chocolate – if you’re coming at it from a kid’s chocolate gift angle. I’ve had a couple of these type of chocolate pizzas and I’ve loved them both. This one is a 7″ one which cuts into 8 regular-sized slices and costs £14.95 which isn’t too bad. What I also love is that it comes in an authentic chocolate box that really makes it look special.

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