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Fonderia del Cacao are Italian chocolate makers with an entrepreneurial background that have come together to try and make chocolate – it seems exclusively from Ecuadorian beans. Everyone, it seems like to play on the historical relevance to them. Here Fonderia comment on the role of the Medici family financing Francesco Carletti to explore the world for new foods which resulted in cocoa being brought back to Italy. The company also gives an authentic bent to their branding by talking of purposefully selecting cocoas from Ecuador, and specifically Los Rios, Manabi, Esmeraldas, El Oro and Guayas. But there’s no mention of a specific origin or region on their packaging. This would lead me to suspect that this is a blend of cocoas from the origin.

Fonderia Packaging

When I first tried the chocolate, it shouted Ecuador in general to me. I’ve been off reviewing for a few months, so my regional radar hasn’t been working, but the origin was undoubted. It’s not one that offered a flavour profile to make me stand back in wonder. It had notes of bubble gum, hazelnut and even (cheap) brandy. But nothing sublime, nothing awesome. Of course, it is generally (and I use that word specifically) awesome about cocoas from Ecuador – especially when you compare it to Colombia – which I have passion for cocoas from that origin.

Fonderia del Cacao

The appearance, which reflects the processes used also didn’t meet expectations. It appears that the bars were leveraged out of the molds and that they weren’t correctly vibrated in the first instance.

You can’t expect every new maker to produce sublime chocolate, especially if they limit themselves to sourcing cocoas from one origin that does produce a lot of average supply (among some good stuff). But this chocolate is a good start, and I welcome them to the chocolate world.

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