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This year seems to be a great deal better if you’re a bloke looking for Flowers and Chocolates with delivery by post for Valentine’s Day. Previously it seemed that most chocolate or flower retailers thought us men would just buy them from the garage on the way home from work. But now there’s a good variety of flowers and chocolates to order at the same time online. Here are a few options:

Prestat is probably the best bet as they not only offer free delivery but you can mix and match your chocolates and flowers – unlike most which have set packages for you to choose from. What’s more, the chocolates that Prestat creates are primarily targeted at women with their brightly coloured packaging. You can choose from Marc de Champagne truffles, organic chocolates, cinnamon wafers, but you’ll probably want to go for their chocolate assortments and get them at the price that most suits you.

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Marks And Spencer’s
M&S are one of the best at providing luxurious Valentine’s gifts which are readily available. Now, I wouldn’t say they’re at all the best, in fact I recommend that everyone should avoid their Swiss Collection, but if you know your wife or girlfriend likes their chocolates then can get a bottle of wine, some flowers and the chocolates for £30. If you wanted to heed my advice and pass up the opportunity to try the Swiss then they do also offer Cream Rose chocolates which I haven’t tried.

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There’s not a massive selection here, but Thornton’s are the safe option when buying chocolates for your wife or girlfriend at Valentine’s Day. If the person you’re buying for only likes the finest of chocolates then perhaps these aren’t for you? Their Continentals are alright tasting and not bad value, but they don’t come up to scrutiny against the chocolatiers that produce smaller amounts of chocolates such as Melt, Rococo and Artisan du Chocolat.

In terms of price you’ll be looking at between £32 and £35 for either roses, lilies a country bouquet or one with just white flowers. They also do a white bouquet for diabetics or people that prefer no added sugar chocolate. Also check out our list of chocolate shops that offer same day chocolate delivery.

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