Fifi’s Boobies Au Chocolat

Fifi's Boobies Au Chocolat Rude Novelty Chocolates

Come on! I can’t do serious, gourmet, fine, luxury, or whatever you want to call it all the time. Perhaps I should though? When John from Adult Prezzies sent me over some of Fifi’s Boobies Au Chocolat I couldn’t pass up the opportunity really. Novelty chocolate isn’t normally my thing but if you’re if you’re looking for a cheeky or rude gift, and the other person you’re buying for is partial to chocolate but not someone that has to have the finest, then there’s nothing wrong with getting them something like this.

For £3.99 you’re looking at the rude stocking fillers or secret Santa gifts if you’re buying around Christmas time so you’re not expecting top quality chocolate. The chocolate I found incredibly sweet although at 32% cocoa solids it would actually appear to have a higher cocoa content than Cadbury’s Easter eggs which is surprising. The sweetness is pervasive. I took a bite and left it on my desk for a few hours and when I came back the whole office was filled with a sugary aroma. These chocolate boobies aren’t for a diabetic, that’s for sure.

Fifi's Boobies Au Chocolat Rude Novelty Chocolates

When it comes to the flavour there is sharpness to it, but not a natural acidity you often get with dark chocolate, but more of a natural one that isn’t as appealing as fine dark chocolate by any stretch of the imagination. The texture is fairly brittle and does hold together well but I just found the experience all too sweet for me. I generally don’t like milk chocolate, but for me there wasn’t enough of a chocolate flavour coming through, it all seemed too sweet.

Obviously Fifi’s Boobies Au Chocolat aren’t a serious chocolate gift, it’s meant to be a novelty, something to make your other half or teenage son chuckle. If you are looking to buy for a chocolate connoisseur I’d look elsewhere. But for a quick bit of chocolate titillation then why not? You could also go for the cream filled chocolate willies if you wanted to keep on the rude tack, or the Cocoapod white chocolate butterflies if you wanted to buy novelty chocolates for girls or the chocolate covered bugs if you’re being cruel!

Fifi's Boobies Au Chocolat Rude Novelty Chocolates

And for a quick rating of these. For me, the flavour isn’t appropriate, for others, I’m sure they’ll go down well – on that basis alone I’d give them 50%.

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