Ferrero Rocher Garden – Lemon Flavour

Fererro Garden Lemon - Packaging

To be honest I’ve never ‘got’ the traditional Ferrero Rocher. I can’t believe they’re so popular as, to my mind, they don’t even taste all that great. But when I was on a recent holiday to Portugal I couldn’t resist when I saw these lemon flavour ones. It’s no secret that I love lemon and chocolate, in fact, the best ice cream I have ever tasted was a lemon Corneto.

Fererro Garden Lemon - Texture

But how good could rocher be? I’m not even a great fan of William Curley’s rocher (I can’t love EVERYthing he does). But would the lemon flavour be a redeeming characteristic with these? Well no.

Fererro Garden Lemon - Inside

Visually they remind me of polyps so it’s no wonder they’re double wrapped securely in silver foil and plastic. They do look incredibly enticing in the packaging, but ultimately unnatural within.

As you bite into it you realise that’s nothing like a rocher! It’s actually a thin wafer concoction coated in some sugary element with lemon flavouring. And nothing more. There’s actually no chocolate in it at all. A complete waste of time if you ask me.

There must be something better to spend a € on if you’re on holiday? Just don’t waste your money on these! So they’re only going to get a quick rating of 40%.

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