Favarger New Flavoured Bars

Chocolate doesn’t have to be single origin to float my boat. Chocolate which pushes any of my numerous buttons can come in many different guises. Today the dapper Johnathon Tailyour who represents Favarger dropped by these three new bars: a Cassis, a Honey and almond and an Apricot – which I’ve already unwrapped and devoured part of.

Favarger Flavours

At certain times of the day I absolutely need my taste buds to be jolted. At other times I’d like them gently massaged and cajoled. This cassis 66% made with Sao Tome cacao is certainly in the former category.

Although the Favarger 66% is a very mild, compassionate chocolate it has been matched in a more sophisticated fashion than Take Me Out, with a saucy dose of dried blackcurrants that give a sharpness that will knock any beleaguered taste buds into a state of readiness. It certainly gives you the immediate buzz, but still with a noticeable cocoa flavour people such as me would demand.

Opened bars

The honey and almond works on a completely different scale. The crunch of the almonds along with the deep sweetness of the honey against the already fairly sweet 38% milk chocolate will also give you a buzz, but in a different style. This is a type of chocolate that should have absolutely huge appeal to a much wider audience than traditional ‘bean to bar’ would be expected to have. There’s a degree of salinity present that works along the lines of salted caramel, but with a crunchy texture that makes it work in this other dimension. It may not be a chocolate that I could find myself consuming more than four or five squares a day, but for that instant hit of sweet chocolaty flavour it certainly does the job.

The apricot is yet again a different breed. Although it does use the same 66% Sao Tome base the experience is much softer and more controlled. The sweetness of the apricots takes longer to come to the fore and offer a much more rounded flavour. Similarly, however, it does also offer that sweet hit that I do crave around this time of day.

Of course there will be some who may decry the lack of single origin focus, but I absolutely believe Favarger is a great chocolate to bring people out of confectionery and into well-crafted chocolate. If you’re a bit of a sweetness freak (sometimes we all surely are) then these new chocolates from Favarger really do hit the spot with some aplomb!


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