Faith Of Nature Chocolate Soap

Faith In Nature Chocolate Soap

Who says it has to be edible to appear on this site? lol. Well I wouldn’t like to try and eat this chocolate soap anyway!! One of the effects of reviewing chocolate is that I often get loads of oils on my hands which then I goes on to my face and then I occasionally get spots – so I make sure i always have a good wash afterwards. Perhaps I’m just being vain …? Anyway I thought I’d give some of this chocolate soap from Faith in Nature a go. I actually got it from The Green Store for just £1.49 which I think is a great bargain.

As I get older I get more concerned with our environment and when I can I’ll do my bit and that it came to the fore when I found out that Nestlé uses palm oil in its chocolate. Well so does this bar of chocolate soap – but this palm oil is sourced from RSPO (Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil). Now I’m not going to pretend to be an expert on palm oil, but it sounds good to me.

Faith Of Nature Chocolate Soap

So what do I get for my £1.49? Well I get 100g of “luxury” soap that doesn’t actually smell of chocolate, even though it’s made with organic chocolate. There might be a slight hint of chocolate, but nothing major. But what I did like most about it on initial inspection was how well it looked – it definitely gave that rustic, natural feel that I’m sure Faith In Nature aimed for.

Faith Of Nature Chocolate Soap

When it comes to the feel, it had a lovely light texture that didn’t have any sort of heavy, oily, acidic feel that some soaps can give. I think that was also combined by the lack of an over-powering aroma that I used to love with Zest when I was younger. These days I’m forced to use Molton Brown or Clinique face wash for men – but only because I seem to live the year without buying any because I seem to get loads of toiletries at Christmas which last for ever. Anyhow, visually, this bar of … soap … was great.

Faith Of Nature Chocolate Soap

And on to how clean it leaves you feeling. Actually I didn’t notice any sort of cleansing action going on at the time of washing, but after a three or four minutes after my skin feels a fair bit tighter and lighter. There’s no astringency associated with more of the pungent, heavy-duty soaps that you’ll find in many superstores. This bar is pretty damn spot on (excuse the pun) – for a man that knows next to nothing about these kinds of things!!!

Faith Of Nature Chocolate Soap

I’ve always liked bars of soap, I don’t know why, andI know that I’ll find it difficult to go back to liquid soap in the future.

As a chocolate fix it’s obviously next to nothing as you won’t be indulging this. Furthermore, it won’t make you crave chocolate as I couldn’t detect any aroma, but if you like natural, ethical products then I’m sure you’d love to give it a go.

Quick Rating:
  • Overall: 80% – it’s not edible, but I loved it and it did the job.

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