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It must be that time of  year again when we see what mad creations the guys at FairyTale Gourmet have come up with. Whenever I get a delivery from them I really have no idea what going to be contained in. I’ve had utterly indulgent cakes, over-the-top Easter eggs and all sorts of other stuff you thought people, in their right mind, would never create.

The Snow White Collection

So I have this presentation box before me with all kinds of goodies. I couldn’t actually work out which one I had. It was almost like this one, but not quite. So I rummaged through the box and removed them to get a closer look.


Of course I started off with the ‘Pie in a Jar’ labelled ‘ Royally Chocolaty which combined marshmallow what seemed like a chocolate ganache-like middle layer (or it could be caramel – it didn’t hang-around long and a biscuit base. Now, after a week from hell, this is exactly what I needed. The marshmallow is utterly fantastic. It may look strange when you first open it up and you just don’t have a clue what it is until you dip the spoon in and have a dig about (in a befittingly sophisticated manner of course).


Over the last couple of years I’ve started to get a bit disillusioned with the other biscuit-bottomed treats you can get in jars. They’re too expensive for what you get and ultimately they’re gone in seconds. This one, however, does leave you holding back and savouring it. The sweetness is certainly there, but the texture from the marshmallow and the unusual flavour is the thing that sets this apart from anything else you would have tried in the past.


The Sicilian Lemon brought out rage in me the kind of which I’ve never seen before. I just wanted to tuck in but my camera was faffing around, the marshmallow was going all over the place and all that was happening was the scent of the lemon was rising up and I was trying to press the button to take the photo whilst trying to focus, hold the spoon and change the lighting. Sigh. Taking the first photo I could and retreating a safe distance I managed to actually taste the treat. Again, this is a million-times superior to anything you can get in the supermarket. There are no faux, lazy flavours. Everything is authentic, sharp, delicious and moreish.

Lap it up

The biscuit base was just the right thickness to soak up and balance the very direct lemon flavour. Any less and it would have had too much lemon.


Part of me was glad to move on to these Prince Charming ‘mixed nuts in a chocolate brulé ‘ – mostly because I wanted a counter-flavour, some bitterness. And that’s exactly what I got here. These nuts are just so difficult to explain – other than say they’ve got a sweet and sour quality and they’re incredibly addictive. Of course they’re not sweet, but because they’re so good you need fewer of them to give you the same ‘hit’ as you would get elsewhere.

More goo!

I spoke too soon. The dark chocolate apple which contained marshmallow tipped me over the edge. Of course you won’t be consuming these at the rate I am – even this involves decent breaks. But here we intense dark chocolate – more so than I’m used to in this novelty gift approach – albeit at this more up-market end of things. The best bit is that they’re made in two half so you can consume them over a couple of days, or, God forbid, actually share them.

The ‘Love Whisperer’ premium chocolate lolly and the caramel filled apples and the marshmallow filled chocolate apples will have to wait for me to try out as I just need a lie down. Woh!

It really is difficult to imagine anything more indulgent than these luxury chocolate gifts. Over time I’ve got to know the FairyTale Gourmet’s treats and I really do enjoy what they do. But if push came to shove I’d still jump for their cakes, not only because I love the flavour and texture, but because I’m just covered, head-to-toe in marshmallow and I need a shower! You could turn that messiness to your own advantage, though.


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