Fairtrade Milk Chocolate Reindeer Droppings

Now these Milk Chocolate Reindeer Droppings would make perfect chocolate stocking fillers as they’re incredibly moreish and fantastically tasty and can be bought from Ethical Superstore for just £2.99.

I’m no expert when it comes to reindeer droppings but I’m sure they’d look something like these. I’m just glad that these chocolate creations don’t actually taste like the real thing. They do taste, however, unberlievable. They’ve not only got raisins in, but also little toffee pieces that give them a real sweet kick that just makes you want to munch through the whole packet. I’ll try and keep some for other people, but I don’t think they’ll last all that long!

I just want more. They’re probably the best chocolate fillers I’ve tasted and so much better than the gold chocolate coins that everyone seems to get, although I’m yet to try the chocolate potatoes which do look interesting.


Taste: 90% – very sweet but delicious.

Texture: 90% – soft and crunchy at the same time!

Appearance: 80% – They do look like they’re from a craft fair or a small producer which makes them look more realistic.

Nutritional Information: 75% – I’ve demolished the packaging, but I do recall a fairly decent amount of nutritional information available.

Price: 78% – its a touch more than I’d normally like to pay, but they are absolutely amazing so worth every penny!

Overall: 82.6% – fun, tasty and well worth it.

Lee McCoy

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