Go All Out With a Gift of Valentine’s Chocolates

Expensive Valentines GiftsOnce a year lovers unite to celebrate love and romance. While some couples barely acknowledge the day, most people make at least a token effort to show their significant other that they care. However, if you want to really impress your loved one, something bigger and better is called for. Chocolates make an excellent Valentine’s gift, either on their own or combined with other complementary items. While quality chocolate can be affordable, there are times when it pays to go all out for your Valentine. Most chocolatiers have a wide range of products and some of the most expensive make the best Valentine’s gifts.

Box it Up!
Boxed chocolates aren’t always expensive, but there are certainly plenty of expensive chocolates that are packaged as boxed assortments. Of course, expensive is a relative term, so one lover may think a thirty pound box is an extravagance, while another significant other may only begin to be impressed when prices hit the one-hundred pound range. The Large Heart Chocolate Box sold by Fortnum & Mason can shine this Valentine’s Day for £95; this luxurious heart-shaped box is filled with decadent truffles.

Impress with Baskets and Hampers
Besides a single box of expensive chocolates, another great choice for blowing your love out of the water is a package of various quality chocolates. These offerings are often labeled as gift hampers or gift baskets. Again, prices vary a great deal and will depend on the size of the hamper and what is included in the mix. Fortnum & Mason has a modest hamper for £50 that holds four separate products; the larger Heart Basket that holds more items, including pampering products, sells for £150 For the same price, Montezumas has an even more luxurious package that focuses almost exclusively on chocolates. The Majestic hamper has three separate boxed chocolate assortments, numerous chocolate bars and dipped fruits and nuts; a bottle of sparkling wine rounds out the offering, making this a great way to impress your Valentine.

Spread the Love
Of course, splurging this Valentine’s doesn’t mean that your love has to be overwhelmed with a huge chocolate offering all at once. Many companies offer chocolate clubs that will deliver an assortment of products for the subscription period. At L’Artisan du Chocolat, for example, £120 will bring a full six months of chocolate indulgence to your lover; look for the Cocoa Rehab clu. Also try the Heart Truffle Box from Demarquette for £45.

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