Entra’aide Chocolat Noir Quinoa

Entra'aide Chocolat Noir Quinoa Packaging

I have absolutely no idea who these chocolatiers are. I brought it in Portugal but it’s made in France but I can guess it’s an equitable company that deals in ethically sourced cacao. The Fairtrade label on the front gives it away as well as the ‘world’ of interlocking hands. And without wanting to start an argument here, over the time I’ve been reviewing chocolate I’ve come to the conclusion that just because something is labelled ‘Fairtrade’ that it doesn’t actually mean it tastes good nor does it indicate complete and utter ethicacy. Feel free to add your views if you disagree with me.

Entra'aide Chocolat Noir Quinoa Appearance

As its a supermarket bar and fairly cheap with it (I can’t remember the exact price) you can expect the packaging to be fairly basic and almost mundane. In fact, I seem to remember most continental supermarket chocolate being visually uninspiring. The only reason I bought it was because I was there and it would have been remiss of me not to full my suitcase to the rafters with chocolate.

Marque Repère Entr'Aide Chocolat noir quinoa

The back of the bar was the first actual sight of the bar I had and it reminded me of when I accidently left some Montezuma’s bars on the top of my small office fridge. They melted and then went mouldy. This wasn’t a good start. The front of the bar was only mildly better with a concentric square design. I wasn’t made to feel that this was a bar I just ‘had’ to try.

The aroma was of sickly poor quality sugar and vanilla. There was no acidity from the cacao, just an awful mass-market chocolate aroma. I didn’t even want to try it.

The texture was dry, gritty and disastrous. The flavour was bitter but devoid of any character. There are many good quality bars that aim for the rustic style, but this bar seems to achieve it by accident. Perhaps I just don’t get it. Perhaps in my desire for sophistication and without any knowledge of the brand I’m missing the point. If I am then I’m more than willing to change my perception. But my initial reactions led me to assert that this is a naff bar of chocolate.

As a quick rating, and not with my usual detail, I’ll just give it a score of 40%. But someone, please prove me wrong.

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