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Barcelona, along with New York is one of my two favourite cities in the world. They’re completely different, but yet have so many similarities. That being said, I know far more about the chocolate in the five boroughs as I do of the Catalan capital. Whenever I’ve been to Barcelona it was never for chocolate, more for the sites and escape with my then girlfriend and now future mother of my child from the daily travails of responsibility. The only chocolate shops in Barcelona I can think of are Cacao Sampaka and the maker of this bar: Enric Rovira.

In my previous reviews over the past few days I’ve highlighted the importance of provenance. Knowing where the cocoa comes from is important to me and too many fine chocolate lovers. The only details I can find on this bar are the ingredients and that it’s made with cocoa, sugar, vanilla and soya lecithin. There are no details relating to the country of origin, let alone the region or plantation. Similarly there’s no mention of the type of the beans used. I hoped the ‘Rajoles’ on the front of the bar might offer some useful information; however, it’s just Catalan for ‘title’ which doesn’t really mean anything.

The bar, which comes in the modern 100g square style, has a uniform rich, dark colour with a flower design embossed into it. Whilst the aroma is light and flowering and very reminiscent of spring which and although uninspiring, is still pleasurable.

I just wanted to not like this bar as a punishment for being light on the information, but I actually liked it. OK, so there are no rambling, intense, operatic-like flavours, but it has a delicate, floral flavour that is so indicative of the more elegant streets of Barcelona. Maybe it would have been nice to have a more Bohemian style chocolate indicative of the small, winding streets off La Ramblas rather than the elegance of the boutiques on Passeig de Gràcia, but one shouldn’t really complain if a bar turns out to be nicer than you thought.

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That being said, it’s certainly not a bar I’d crave if out was out and about like so many other bars I have, but at least it wasn’t as dull and boring as the recent Pierre Marcolini Fazenda São Pedro bar. Overall I’d give it a rating of 65%. You can find out more about Enric Rovira here.

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