Send a Valentine’s Message Engraved in Chocolate

Selecting a memorable Valentine’s gifts brings a lot of factors into play. You want the gift to be meaningful, while still maintaining an element of originality. In many cases, it’s likely that you are also concerned about keeping your offering within a budget range that you are comfortable with. When it come to chocolate gifts, these priorities can conflict or be hard to find. Instead of sending your loved one another ho-hum box of chocolates, why not look at engraved chocolates? These often fit the bill perfectly.

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Be on the Lookout!
If you have never looked for engraved chocolates before, you will probably be surprised to realise that this particular genre of chocolate gifts can actually be quite hard to find. While almost every chocolatier features standards like boxed chocolates, gift baskets and truffles, only a few confectioners take the time and effort to produce stunning engraved edibles. For those that are interested in only the best quality in their chocolates, the field is narrowed even more. Luckily, a few companies do focus on the more original visual appeal of engraved chocolates. The Ready to Post brand name, for example, has chocolate plaques that are engraved with various romantic messages. For around ten pounds, the chocolate storefront John Lewis offers several different styles that can be shipped right off the shelf. Other companies may also offer standard engraved chocolates or even be willing to customise an engraved edible Valentine; it never hurts to ask.

Besides engraved messages, some chocolates are either engraved with a simple design, or both shaped and engraved. In many cases, these Valentine’s chocolates are found under the children category in a product catalog. Thorntons is just one example of a chocolatier that enhances shaped character and theme chocolates with engraved details. Don’t be afraid to poke around your favorite shop to find this category of confections.

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Engraved or Personalised?
While there is a limited selection of engraved Valentine’s chocolates, there are quite a few quality chocolatiers that offer customised or personalised chocolate gifts. In many instances, a large piece of chocolate is personalised with piped icing. This same process is used to customise messages on some boxed chocolates or truffles. Thorntons, for example, will pipe one letter on each chocolate to spell out a short romantic sentiment that is arranged artfully in the box. This service starts at fifteen pounds, with the final price depending on how long your message is.

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