Charbonnel et Walker English Fruit Cremes

Charbonnel et Walker English Fruit Cremes

To be honest, I don’t know where I stand with fruity chocolates. I, like many, wiill probably be reminded of those tedious, cheap chocolates you get at Christmas filled with a sugary concoction laced with artificial flavourings. So when I opened up the padded envelope to review a box of English Fruit Cremes I was unsure if I’d like them. At the end of the experience I realised I did, but dark chocolate is still my thing.

Charbonnel et Walker English Fruit Cremes In The Box

As usual Charbonnel et Walker package their chocolates wonderfully. I’m never dissapointed with how their produce is displayed and adds that wonderful, luxurious feeling every time. and this time encases nine cremes of six varieties, which obviously means that three of them are there twice.

Charbonnel et Walker English Fruit Cremes - Lemon

The first one I tried was the lemon. Completely by chance I managed to choose my favourite fruit that I like to have chocolate flavoured with first. The shell was fairly light which was perfectly soft and housed two layers of lemon delight. At the bottom there seemed to be a lemon confiture and lemon curd looking substance. For me this was absolutely spot on. It was very sharp, exceptionally lemony and fantastic. I very much doubt anyone would be able to handle a whole box, but a few more of these would be a treat! Actually, as the flavour subsides there’s a distinct taste of honey. So was that non-alcoholic amber nector on at the bottom?

Charbonnel et Walker English Fruit Cremes - Raspberry

My fruity mystical tour continued with the raspberry creme. What I noticed at first was how moist the centre looked, and how eager I was to sample it. And you really have to try this one. The centre is very smooth – there’s no denying that, but its the taste that is exemplorary. It is strong and powerful, just like the lemon one, but with a softer edge. It’s more flowery but still will tantalise your taste buds. I really, REALLY enjoyed this one, but I doubt anyone would want to eat a whole raspberry bon bon in one go.

Charbonnel et Walker English Fruit Cremes - Mandarin

And then on to this square mandarin chocolate which a complete and utter gooey mess after I’d broken it open to peer inside – fantastic. I’m sure these chocolates should be labelled as ‘chocolates for couples’ as they’re perfect for a bit of messy fun. I’m less fond of orange chocolates as they normally have a mild, uninteresting flavour; but this one is sweet and zingy. I did think it was fantastic – but very sugary!

Charbonnel et Walker English Fruit Cremes - Apricot

And now we’re on to the apricot option. I think this is number four of my five a day and was a milder affair than the previous ones. This is like the sorbet of the collection as its rereshing, but not as soft. The flavour is very pervasive though. No part of your mouth is not tantislised by the creme. Nice.

Charbonnel et Walker English Fruit Cremes - Strawberry

But now I’m on to the strawberry creme. I don’t like strawberry flavoured chocolates so I’m not expecting to like it. It’s actually like the lemon one in that it was very gooey, but thankfully it doesn’t taste like the hideous strawberry cremes you get in tins of Cadbury Roses. This, again, had a slight honey flavour, but with it a less aggressive strawberry. In constrast, the fruity of this was muted in comparison to the suggary, sweet nature.

Charbonnel et Walker English Fruit Cremes - Mandarin

And now for the orange creme. This has a much firmer consitency but a similarly sweeter and sharper flavour. I wasn’t as fond of this one, it wasn’t the best of the bunch. But still nice. I can’t be expected to love them all I suppose.

They all had an agreeable milk chocolate coating, either a very sticky centre or a firm or fudge-like centre and I’d say they were all delicious, apart from the orange ones, but that’s just because I don’t like orange chocolate. But what I do know is that they’ll be fantstic for sitting out in the garden this summer – they’d be perfect for that!

  • Taste: 75% – sharp, fruity and delicious
  • Texture: 85% – I loved the sticky nature, they’ll go everywhere
  • Appearance: 90% – excellent as usual!
  • Nutritional Information: 70% – it’d be difficult to give full information as there are 6 different cremes
  • Price: 80% – they’ll be £10 for 120g when they come out in May so they’ll be great value
  • Overall: 80% – well worth trying!

Where To Buy The Charbonnel et Walker English Fruit Cremes

Nutritional Information:
  • Ingredients: Fondant:(sugar, glucose syrup, water), dark chocoate (cocoa mass, sugar, cocoa butter, emulsifier – soya lecithin), inverted sugar syrup, glucose syrup, water, natural flavours: apricto, lemon, orange, raspberry, strawberry, natural colours: carmine curcumin. (it mentions apricot twice in the flavourings)
  • Dark chocolate: 60% minimum cocoa solids
  • Contains: soya and traces of nuts and milk

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