Chocolate England World Cup Supporters’ Pack From Hotel Chocolat

England World Cup Chocolate

Who’s not having a world cup party tonight? Well I’ll be watching the match with some friends and some beers. There may not be any children of chocolate-eating age there but I’ll be taking what’s left of this Chocolate England World Cup Supporters’ Pack with me to munch through as we watch Wayne Rooney score a hatrick.

England World Cup Chocolates

I cheekily asked for the guys at Hotel Chocolat to send me these, not only because it’s the first game of the World Cup for England and it would tie in nicely, but also because Hotel Chocolat chocolate goes down so well with my friends – they can’t get enough of it.

England World Cup Chocolates

The production description actually says you get six slabs, but you actually get twelve of them – bonus! And they’re a decent size too at about 11cm by 7.5cm and a good thickness for children too.

England World Cup Chocolates

They actually do taste very nice indeed, with a nice milky, sweet flavour that children love. Of course watching a match and eating chocolate is more about the football than the cocoa, but this chocolate would be more enjoyable than munching on some average chocolate bar from an American company that spends millions associating themselves with the England football team. Support your nation whilst we play the USA by eating chocolate made by an English company with the cross of St. George on it.

I know its probably a bit too late to buy the chocolate online to enjoy for the match. But you can go and visit one of their stores (they’ve got loads) if you’re out and about (and get something for yourself too!)

I’m going to do a quick review here as I’ve got a few errands to run and chores to do before I can sit down with a can of something nice and a few these by my side. So as a rating I’m going to give these 75% as they’re totally perfect for what they’re meant for. Enjoy the chocolate and enjoy the match! Come on England!

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