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El Rey Chocolates From VenezualaChocolates El Rey, based in Venezuela, is a producer of premium chocolate manufactured from high quality, locally grown cacao beans. El Rey’s high standards in fair trade and premium products are part of what makes this company one of the finest chocolate producers in the world.

El Rey Chocolate History

In 1929, Carmelo Tuozzo and Jose Rafael Zozaya joined to form the Tuozzo Zozaya and Company in Caracas, Venezuela. In 1973, the company reverted to a stock company as the Redmond family entered into partnership with the Zozaya family, and the name was changed to Chocolates El Rey, C.A.

El Rey Fair Trade Policies

El Rey provides customers with premium chocolate produced from fairly traded cacao beans straight from modest and large-scale farmers in Venezuela. By creating Aprocao, a democratically operated cooperative which gives above current market value for their cacao beans, El Rey has been able to do away with a myriad of middlemen, often referred to as “coyotes,” that are known to pay out the smallest conceivable price to growers. By means of Aprocao, El Rey instructs farmers on how to manage the soil within an environmentally friendly system, encouraging natural cycles devoid of chemical pesticides or fertilizers, as well as the best methods of harvesting each cacao crop in order to generate the greatest value.

The El Ray Cacao

Chocolates El Rey uses only single origin Venezuelan cacao beans in their creations. Pure Venezuelan cacao is known as some of the world’s most flavourful and aromatic chocolate. Famed trinitario and criollo beans such as the Rio Caribe and Carenero, are used in the processing of this prized and coveted chocolate.

The El Ray Chocolate Range

El Rey’s exquisite chocolate bars are available in milk, dark, and white chocolate varieties classified into two different lines. The Rio Caribe line is manufactured from a special variety of Trinitario bean harvested in a small fishing village of the same name in northeastern Venezuela. This unique cacao bean is a cross between the Forestero bean that grows in the south and the Criollo bean from the west. The Trinitario bean is well known for its aromatic qualities. The Carenero line is made from the Carenero bean that can be found east of Caracas. This exquisite cacao is highly noted for its flavour tones of fruit, spice, flower and nut.

In addition to El Rey’s world reknowned chocolate bars, they also produce a number of cacao powders, discs and blocks of chocolate for fine baking and a variety of specialty gift chocolate including signature boxes of artisan chocolates or bon bons and delicious candied fruits, caramels and nuts.

El Ray Chocolates Video

Would you like to see an interview with the El Ray Vice Preseident Cesar Gueveara? Well if you can speak Spanish you’re onto a winner. Otherwise you’ll just have to look at the pictures.

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