Easter Chocolate Chicken

Chocolate ChickenI’m just going to get the RSPCA on to the Chocolate Trading Co. for keeping chickens in plastic wrapping. Ok, we all know they’re not real chickens but they look scarily like a character from Chicken Run, but I’m sure this one won’t try and escape from your clutches as you prepare to dine on its chocolaty flesh. Ok, so I’m going too far. But this is a very cute, if small, novelty Easter chocolate. At 6cm it won’t be the most filling Easter novelty you’ll buy this year. But for £1.95 its still good value as it’s as cute as heck!

It’s perfectly packaged for gifting this Easter. It’s tied in an orange ribbon which gives it that classy touch. Also as it’s in a clear wrapping you’ll get an instant reaction on the face of the recipient. I’m sure it’ll be received well from children and adults alike. The cute-factor is what it’s all about.

Chocolate Novelty Chocolate Chick

What I love about it is the fact that it’s highly detailed. The head, the beak, wings and the eyes are nicely decorated with suitable colours which make it look like it’s about to prance around your home.

Novelty Chocolate Chicken Close-up

It also has a good, solid chocolate taste. At 35% cocoa solids, it’s not a bland tasting novelty chocolate Easter gift, instead it’s got a creamy taste and texture to it which is more welcome as much of the chocolate aimed at children at Easter is of poor quality.

Chocolate Headless Chicken

One side of the chocolate chick may have been thicker than the other, but that’s not a bad thing as you’ll find yourself breaking off the thinner bits and then just devouring the thick piece in one go! Well that is after you’ve started munching on its head! I don’t think he liked that. At least its much better than the Smarties Chocolate Chicken I’ve recent reviewed!

  • Taste: 65% – good quality milk chocolate
  • Texture: 70% – it wasn’t consistent throughout as one part was thicker than the other, but that’s half the fun.
  • Appearance: 95% – cute, cute, cute!
  • Nutritional Information: 60% – there is some on the bottom
  • Price: 70% – it’s small, but good value
  • Overall: 72% – great for kids and tastes good.


Nutritional Information:
  • 35% minimum cocoa solids
  • 19% minimum milk solids
  • Has colourings

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