Duffy’s 83% Corazon del Ecuador

I’m currently a walking disaster zone. As I’ve taken a week off work to be an ex-politician (spend more time with my family) I find myself scrambling to get work done. I needed a break and with the knowledge that I’m going to be getting a whole heap of chocolate soon from Duffy I thought I’d better review one of the bars I purchased from him last month. Rustling through my chocolate collection I find a half-eaten bar with I believe is its associated wrapping on the same shelf. I look at my camera and realise that its battery is almost exhausted, the memory card nowhere to be seen and that all my photography space is currently taken up with my wife’s rather expensive, boxed wedding dress. The whole reason why I was immersing myself in chocolate couldn’t be clearer. For me chocolate serves as a distraction from life’s mundaneness. At that moment you forget that you’ve forgotten to send off your PAYE tax or that you’re overdue to submit the form to Companies House. Chocolate is a comfort blanket to me – mostly.

Duffy's 83%

The dark, almost midnight, hue of this chocolate is fascinating. The finish exemplary and the snap masculine. I couldn’t wait to try it again.

This chocolate is a prime candidate if one to dispel the myth that the higher the cocoa content, the more bitter the flavour. This chocolate is far from intense. It’s a warm blanket. It’s a 15 tog duvet accompanied by a cup of tea and the Sunday newspapers – with accompanying bird song and something good on the box in the background.

It may not offer thunder clouds and rainbows but it is luscious. The creaminess and mellowness is evident from a fairly light roast and long conch. This chocolate seems purposefully respectful with a noticeable coffee and molasses profile and perhaps hazelnut behind. I didn’t get so much of the traditional citrus fruit flavours, but more of a light strawberry touch.

This is certainly a chocolate for those wishing to step up from chocolate in the 70%’s.

You can buy this chocolate direct from Duffy or soon from here.

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