Duffy’s 70% Star of Panama

Who doesn’t like a bit of Duffy’s? To me his chocolate is like a Morgan car – hand-made with skill and just downright gorgeous. And this 70% star of Panama does nothing to change my perception. It’s gorgeousness choconified!

Previously we had the Panama Tierra Oscura 72% which was mind-blowingly fantastic, and now I have before me that bar’s close relation: the Star of Panama. But unlike the Tierra, where we were given the origin of the cacao, with this one I’m left in the dark as to its breeding.

What I absolutely adored with this one, however, is as you bite in flavour instantly will shoot out in to your mouth, just like when you bite into an orange. And that’s the exact image that came into my mind as my teeth met. The acidic intensity of the fruit wasn’t there though. In its place is a delightul creaminess – much like a clotted cream scone in the sun (but without the sharpness of the jam). Other bars recently have been mellow, but without any character. Here this bar carries all this irreproachable character all wrapped in a silky smooth texture – much like a 1800’s upper-class lady having afternoon tea in a coffee house. There’s no denying that despite the rustic nature of how this bar is created, there can be no Pygmalion analogy. Duffy has been in the chocolate making business for approaching two years now, and in that time he has lost any chocolate “Eliza Doolittleness” that may have existed in his previous creations – now he can most certainly hold his own against the best in the world. This Star of Panama bar continues the outstanding contribution Duffy has made to the British chocolate making industry.

I think I do prefer the Tierra Oscura because of the robustness of the flavour, but this Star of Panama is still offers an utterly fantastic exprerience.

Where To Buy Star of Panama
  • Chocadores – £3.95 (I’d pay double that, but ssssh!!)


Quick Rating:
  • 83% – most certainly worth seeking out


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