Dubble Chocolate Easter Egg Hunt Kit

Dubble Chocolate Easter Egg Hunt Kit Packaging

Three years ago I reviewed the Dubble Easter Egg and then two years ago it was their Dubble Speckled Mini Eggs and this year I’ve got their Easter egg hunt kit to try out. Being a big kid at heart I let out a little woop for joy as I remembered how much I actually liked this version of the Divine milk chocolate which is squarely aimed at kids and to raise money for Comic Relief.

Dubble Chocolate Easter Egg Hunt Kit

In the past I’ve had nothing but glowing things to say about the charity chocolate bars I’ve reviewed such as the Thorntons Haiti Mango Save The Children and the Ben Tre Single Estate Dark Chocolate From Vietnam but how do these eggs fair, considering they’re not meant to be in the “gourmet chocolate” bracket or using a whole heap of rubbish to make them more palatable for children?

Dubble Chocolate Easter Egg Hunt Kit In The Garden

First off, they come presented in a pink version of the real hen’s eggs packaging – a proper egg carton. I’m sure that children will not only be drawn to the bright and realist presentation, but also the fact that it’s a “Hunt Kit” which should pre-empt some fun times ahead. Under the outer sleeve there are a few fun signs which you can somehow place in your garden to point the way to the eggs. But being fairly large and shiny it shouldn’t be too difficult to locate them.

Dubble Chocolate Easter Egg Hunt Kit In The Flowers

Obviously in the carton you’ll get half a dozen of these eggs – each about 6cm tall and fairly robust, even though they are only 18g each. There’ll be two each wrapped in bright red, golden and blue foil. The instructions said that you can download more signs and the such like from their website. But, alas, when I visited the content had gone. I wasn’t to be foiled (unlike these eggs), so I did some hunting around of my own and found these downloads for you:

  • Start Line – Colour or Black And White (pdf)
  • Which Way? Signs – Colour or Black And White (pdf)
  • Getting Warm Signs – Colour or Black And White (pdf)

The problem is that, if you don’t have a big enough garden they should be easy to find. But that shouldn’t deter the most ardent parent as most towns and cities have parks you can put them in away from other people and pets and let your kids try and find them.

Can you find me?

In terms of flavour I thought they were lovely. Obviously they’re fairly sweet, but at least they use 27% cacao solids which is a good third more than the mass produced Easter eggs you’ll get this year. They also do taste a touch more milky than usual, but they do supply a great velvety, smoothness that I just find adorable.


What’s more the chocolate does actually take an age to melt, even whilst enjoying a cuppa whilst reviewing. But I don’t envisage them lasting too long when your children get their hands on them. They’ll be unwrapped and consumed within seconds. But it’s the fun of them running around with chocolate-fuelled joy that’s the most important thing here.

As I’m a committed recycler, it’s also good to see them give parents a nudge to recycle the cardboard and carton if your kids didn’t plan on using it to make other stuff.

As a quick review I’d give them a 70% as they do introduce kids to better quality chocolate than they’ll often come across in the shops – as well as some bonus points for some of the money going to Comic Relief.

Where To Buy The Dubble Easter Egg Hunt Kit
  • Divine – £3.50
  • Oxfam – £3.49 – 25% off Easter goodies with the voucher code Easter25

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  • nicole

    the chocolate melts in the sun outside.
    if u were to get it i suggest u do ur egg hunt inside!