Double Dipped Honey Crunch from Good Kind of Food

Double Dipped Honey Crunch

As a child I was seemingly addicted to both Yorkie and Crunchie bars. But over time as my palette matured I found them too sweet, and couldn’t even face them now. And seeing as we all know that the mass-market stuff is often overly laden with sugar to hook people on to it and because it’s cheaper than the more flavoursome ingredients,  I was hoping for something completely different to those Crunchie bars with these Double Dipped Honey Crunch bites from Good Kind of Food – and that’s exactly what I got.

In this clear bag there were ten incredibly irregular bits of dark chocolate coated honeycomb weighing about 200g. Some were just about one centimetre cubed, whilst others were far more than a mouthful.  You just couldn’t wish for a more obvious juxtaposition from the formulaic Crunchie bars with their regularly formed bubbles and uniform chocolate coating. The issue I have is that I may love consistency in life, but not my food – I just adore my confectionary to offer a different experience with every mouthful.

Another aspect which I found pleasantly surprising was the delicious bitter edge to them. Not only was the honeycomb having more of a natural flavour, but it was combined with a suitably earthy dark chocolate coating. Now I’m sure I’ve tried the couverture used here before, somewhere, but I just can’t put a name on it. But whatever it is, it worked incredibly well against the sweeter centre.

The mouth feel was great too. It seemed as the honeycomb was quicker to melt than the chocolate which allowed for the flavours to mutate. But also it had a popping-candy type of feel to it also – every-so-slightly, as there was a heap of little bursts of sweetness as I crunched through.

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  • Taste: 85% – far too often honeycomb was just too sweet, here there’s an adult version of the typically sweet confection.
  • Texture: 80% – the varying speeds of the melt, combined with the popping was just fantastic.
  • Appearance: 80% – purposely rustic
  • Nutritional Information: 70% – something that’s home-made can’t really be expected to have a hugely detailed nutritional information.
  • Price: n/a% – I don’t have any price information at the moment
  • Overall: 78.75% – a new paradigm in chocolate covered honeycomb


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  • tutu

    So unusual! I hope I have a chance to try it.