Don Lorenzo Double Dipped Chocolate Rum Cake

I’ve never been so disappointed with a chocolate product I’ve had to review than this chocolate rum cake I bought back from our Honeymoon in the Bahamas.

I’ve tried rum cake from Barbados and its simply amazing – I’d take a separate suitcase just for the cake if I could. But this one from the Bahamas was woeful. I purposely chose the more rustic version of it rather than the big tins aimed at tourists and I feel I’ve made a very bad decision!

As you remove it from the sealed plastic packaging you’re met with a very pungent smell and the flavour is just as unappealing. What’s more, there was almost no chocolate taste whatsoever.

I’m hoping it was just a case of a dodgy cake and that the guys at the Bahamas Rum Cake Factory do actually produce fine rum cake, but from this experience I can’t really recommend that anyone try it.

Verdict: Save your money and buy some Gu Cheeky Little Chocolate Fondants instead.

Lee McCoy

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