Domori Morogoro 70%

Domori Morogoro from Tanzania
Some chocolate just has so much going on that you really don’t know where to start. On reflection, however, the most appropriate opening line should be something like ‘the best thing come in small packages’. Here we only have 25g of Tanzanian 70% chocolate. At the outset that’s not something to really get your juices flowing. But when you consider that this chocolate was produced by the well-respected team at Domori then your interest may be a piqued.


This is my second run at the Morogoro. Leaving it a day I get strong hints of brandy, pear, strawberry and cream – all with just a dose of smokiness. The aroma is just as rewarding and just as evolving. So much chocolate produced now is one or two dimensional. But here we have a chocolate that not only transforms so rapidly on the tongue but also seems to offer something different with each bite. I have been longing for a few months to find a chocolate that could offer this sort of experience. Although I’ve tried some great chocolate in the time, none have reached the heights as this.


Of course the finish and texture is exquisite – that’s what Domori does. Appearance wise the chocolate is a few hues south of dark brown – there’s a touch of lightness which may lead some to think it’ll be a dull chocolate. Of course, it’s nothing of the kind. Too, the texture, its sublime, enveloping, soft, creamy and rewarding. You mouth becomes coated in rhapsody. Part will be cooled by the chocolaty liquid, whilst the rest wishes it was. There’s more fun packed in this 25g than a multitude of dull and lifeless 100g bars.

Tanzania isn’t an origin that chocophiles will naturally gravitate to but recently there have been some wonderful chocolate coming out of the region, not least the Askinosie Tenende and less so the Pralus Tanzanie and certainly makes me want to explore offerings from Maglio, Lake Champlain and Castelain. But with this one, as with anything wondrous, you’ll be left wanting more. Not because you’ve not been satisfied, but because, like a drug, you need your next fix as soon as the euphoria of the previous wears off.

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  • (nb: I own and run this shop. I’ve tried not to be biased, this chocolate really is great, but please do bear the relationship between the two websites.)


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