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Dolfin ChocolateStill a relatively young chocolate company, Dolfin was established in 1989 as a maker of quality Belgian chocolate creations. The young roots of this company bring with them a multitude of innovative and creative ideas in the industry of chocolate making and flavourful blends, as well as a flair for creative and trendy packaging of products and gifts. The one of a kind packaging creations and exquisite taste combinations help to make Dolfin a truly unique and outstanding chocolate brand that is simply exploding with chocolaty taste and innovative new ideas. Excitement and adventure lurk behind every corner as Dolfin continues to surprise the world with new ideas in the art of chocolate making.

Distinctive Ingredients

Dolfin’s practice of melting distinctive ingredients directly into their chocolate produces a taste sensation equivalent to no other. Ingredients such as flowers, nuts, fruits and herbs are mixed directly with the chocolate in the chocolate making process. Exquisite quality ingredients, such as masala spice, green tea, mint leaves, or Earl Grey tea is coupled with Dolfin’s creamy milk chocolate to produce a uniquely divine chocolate creation.

Dolfin Chocolate Bars

Besides the traditional milk and dark chocolate bars, Dolfin’s wide range of bars is made up of innovative taste combinations and truly unique flavours. Some of their delicious combinations include:

  • Milk or Dark chocolate with grilled almonds
  • Milk chocolate with cinnamon from Ceylan
  • Milk chocolate with sencha green tea
  • Milk chocolate with hot masala
  • Milk chocolate with speculoos
  • Dark chocolate with green aniseed
  • Dark chocolate with ground coffee
  • Dark chocolate with Earl Grey tea
  • Dark chocolate with fresh ginger
  • Dark chocolate with lavender from Haute-Provence
  • Dark chocolate with mint leaves
  • Dark chocolate with crystallized orange peel
  • Dark chocolate with pear and roasted almonds

Gourmet Squares

A number of colourful flavours make up Dolfin’s gourmet squares, delightful bites of chocolate ideal for after dinner treats. Gourmet squares are unique in their slimness and choice of innovative ingredients. These delightful gourmet squares are available in Dolfin’s boxed assortments, winter and summer collections or St. Valentine’s Day selection. These exquisite squares of gourmet flavour are offered in 14 diverse taste combinations including milk chocolate with cinnamon, dark with lemon and dark with orange.

Dark Chocolate Petals with Flowers

Dolfin’s petal range uses a harmonious combination of floral scents with a 60% dark chocolate to produce a sensation of all 5 senses. The unique shape of these chocolates allows the chocolate lover to experience the complete range of distinct flavours consisting of essential oils and savoury herbs. These delightfully smooth and delicious treats are additionally combined with green, black or Rooibos tea to create a flavour and aroma that puts your senses in touch with the enchantment of the world around you. Dark chocolate petals are available in the following six flavours:

  • Dark chocolate petals with lavender flowers
  • Dark chocolate petals with bourbon geranium
  • Dark chocolate petals with ylang-ylang
  • Dark chocolate petals with orange blossom
  • Dark chocolate petals with Damascus rose
  • Dark chocolate petals with lemongrass

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