Dolceria Bonajuto 65% Dark Chocolate

Dolceria Bonajuto 65% Dark Chocolate

I love rustic chocolate like Bouga Cacao and Madre. I love the naturalness. The lack of sophistication is a style not a symptom of a lack of skill. Smooth chocolate certainly has its place, but that feeling in the mouth as you crunch into and the large chocolate crystals shoot out from beneath your teeth and the random nature of the flavour. Some bites will be sugar laden whilst others offer more of a natural tone. However, this chocolate is almost 35% sugar and comes with a pinch or two of ground nutmeg.

But there’s a confession. This chocolate was best before last year. My view is that with so much sugar it’ll be fine. But it does lead to a touch of blooming and more than its fair share of scuff marks. Putting that to one side, and viewing this review as a quick affair as I clear out the last remnants of ‘pre-child’ chocolate purchases, I see this chocolate as a ‘session breaker’ chocolate. I adore the smooth and almost perfect chocolate from the likes of PralusDomori and Friis Holm, but I adore the less polished chocolate of Åkesson’s, Antidote and Menakao – and, of course, Bonajuto.

And the texture

Apart from the course texture and underlying nutmeg, I can feel a pleasant, true and classic bitter-sweet chocolate taste. There’s nothing inherently remarkable the flavour itself, the approach and aged techniques, most certainly. All this review serves to do is pique my interest in Sicily’s finest chocolate makers, and I hope it encourages you to learn more about them.


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  • Frida

    I LOVE this brand. One square and I’m good. Very flavorful.