Dog Chocolate Treats from Barking Buddies

What They Look Like In The Bag

A dog is a man’s best friend – only when it’s not chewing up the house and nearly killing itself on various items it’s nabbed from the kitchen draws! One way I keep the dogs occupied whilst working from home is to get a handful of small dog biscuits (their normal food) and throw it into the garden for them to hunt down. Being Labradors they’re high energy dogs and even worse one of them is just seven months old, so they need a lot of interaction and walking. So when I get them home, I always give them some nicer treats – just as a Cesar Milan kind of thing.

Their: not more naff treats is it? look

I could tell they were getting slightly bored with this usual routine as their tails were wagging slightly less with every shout of “do you want a treat in the garden?” So I was thinking about getting them something different to hunt down. Thankfully Hazel from Barking Buddies stepped in asked if I’d like some of her chocolate dog treats to try out. Of course I did, and here’s what Simba (golden lab) and Dot (black lab) thought of them.

You're giving us more? Ooooh I need them now!!!

Of course they don’t speak, but just watching them dart around the garden with their tails wagging like mad things did I realise how much they liked them. I’d leave one each of the treats on the patio, make them wait and watch them dive in. The funny thing is that they’d each try and go for the others in the hope they can get both.

Who can get their first?

With each treat they got more and more excited. They’d sniff around the garden hoping for more and each time it became more difficult to reset them for the photography. And each time I’d say “go on” they’d dive in with a greater desire to get their first.

Dot wants more. But I've run out!

I now wish Hazel had sent some more as they’re a real winner with the dogs. Just look on Dot’s face, it doesn’t take me to tell you they loved them!! But obviously dogs don’t like normal chocolate, so never give them chocolate that isn’t labelled as safe for dogs.

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