Divine White Chocolate And Strawberry Hearts

I have witnessed more leap years than white chocolate that I’ve actually enjoyed. Even more of a rarity are Valentine’s chocolates that I actually feel would be worth buying at any time of the year. So it was of great surprise that I actually enjoyed these White Chocolate and Strawberry Hearts from Divine. I’m not the sort of person who’d refuse white “chocolate” out of principle as I’m never happier than being proven wrong by some chocolate that I thought I just wouldn’t like. And we have one of those events here.

Previously I’ve reviewed their praline hearts and their dark chocolate hearts which were pretty good. I’m not entirely sure if it’s because they’re foil-wrapped chocolate hearts and there’s a deep psychological attraction that you have to pick up and disrobe before you can reveal the contents, but they’ve both had decent marks. With these there is a quality often missing from white chocolate – there’s a texture that has bite and resistance. There’s a crunch that detracts from any naturally present creaminess that gives it a textural balance that I so often assume is missing for white chocolate I’m considering buying.

The often over-bearing sweetness of white chocolate is also something else that acts as a deterrent when it comes to buying the stuff in the shops. I feel that white chocolate is far too sweet and sickly and I only generally like it when its combined with something sharp and acidic like raspberry or strawberry. Thankfully those much beloved Fairtrade chocolate makers have added “strawberry crisp” that lightens the experience. Without this I feel I’d only be able to manage one or two at a time.

These white chocolate hearts are more than perfectly edible on their own. But I feel if you’re thinking of something sweet for Valentine’s Day, why not use them to adorn a chocolate cake that you’ve made yourself?

Where To Buy These White Chocolate Hearts
  • Divine Chocolate Shop – £4.50
  • Oxfam – £3.99


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