Divine Milk Chocolate With Toffee & Sea Salt

It’s strange. I gave my wife some of this Divine milk chocolate with toffee and sea salt because she’s more in tune with sweet milk chocolate than I am. Her initial reaction was that “there’s too much salt in it”. This was followed with “can I have some more?” In a few short minutes the whole bar had disappeared – admittedly with my help too. The next night I had “is there any more of that chocolate left?” Thankfully Divine was kind enough to send over a couple of those bars and David had already given me a bar – I’ll keep this one a secret.

There’s a strong possibility that Divine are the only chocolate company whose products I’d buy at the ¬£2 price point. Of course they have an advantage of being 45% owned by the¬†Kuapa Kokoo co-operative in Ghana, but they still do have the hefty Fairtrade labelling to pay for. Putting that aside if Divine is a route into the minds of consumers to think about ethical cocoa production then who am I to argue? What’s more, if its via completely addictive chocolate such as this one then it can only be a good thing.

I’m currently reading Salt, Sugar, Fat: How the Food Giants Hooked Us which is a book about those three ingredients and how big business uses various ratios of these ingredients to hook us on burgers, cakes, biscuits and the like. Of course there is a finely tuned balance of those ingredients here. Whilst Divine aren’t there first, and certainly won’t be the last chocolate company to combine those ingredients, its perhaps the most ethical companies in easy reach of the vast majority of people in this country. But its all about moderation. Perhaps my wife and I have overdone it with this chocolate, but once in a while – who cares?

As soon as the chocolate hits your tongue you’ll get the zing of the salt. As your taste buds get used to it the toffee will gently rise up and carry the chocolate flavour with it. There sweetness of the toffee and the sharpness of the salt may dominate, but that’s perfectly fine. You’ll buy this chocolate as you need a “fix” and that’s exactly what you’ll get.

And now its time to think about how long I can keep this last bar hidden for.


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