Divine Praline Milk Chocolate Hearts

Divine Praline Milk Chocolate Hearts

There’s just something fantastic about chocolate goodies that you’ve got to unwrap. And it’s even more special when the chocolate is ethically sourced as Divine ensures theirs are. Combine that with the opportunity to lovingly feed your better-half on a Valentine’s evening tucked up after a good meal out then you just can’t go wrong. And you don’t have to spend a fortune on chocolate Valentines Gifts either as these praline chocolate hearts are priced at £6.00 and will be available at the Divine shop as well as from Oxfam.

Divine Praline Milk Chocolate Hearts Out Of The Box

I’m generally not a praline fan, but I found these delightful, but I couldn’t eat too many. My wife, however, couldn’t get enough of them and kept asking if I had any more. She, like me, liked the sweet milk chocolate shell and the saltiness of the praline inside. We both commented on the soft centre which didn’t have the grittiness of many pralines I get to try, instead your teeth manage to glide through the filling and entices you to consume more.

Divine Praline Milk Chocolate Hearts Close-up

If your loved-one prefers ethical and fairtrade chocolate or is a vegetarian and you don’t want to get her the usual large boxes of chocolates then I suggest you try these chocolate hearts. You can also get a variety of other Divine chocolate hearts such as the traditional milk chocolate hearts which come wrapped in gold foil or the dark chocolate hearts that are wrapped in red foil.

Divine Praline Milk Chocolate Hearts

But would I get my wife some of these? Well, no, she’s already had them all! Tut! And for a quick rating? I’ve been reliably informed that I should give them a 68%!

Where To Buy The Divine Milk Chocolate Praline Hearts


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