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Divine Chocolate

All About Divine Chocolate – The Company

Originally named the Day Chocolate Company in memory of a highly esteemed and valued member of the Twin Trading Company, Divine Chocolate Limited was founded in the UK in 1998 as a joint effort between Twin Trading and the Kuapa Kokoo cacao growers’ collective to establish a Fair-trade chocolate company with high quality chocolate products. The trading system within Divine Chocolate Limited is rather unique in that the cacao farmers who grow and harvest the beans used by the company own the largest stake of the company itself and share in the profits. Additional followers of Divine Chocolate Limited included Christian Aid, The Body Shop, and Comic Relief. In 2007, The Body Shop handed over its shares in Divine Chocolate Limited to Kuapa Kokoo in Ghana, who now currently own 45% of Divine Chocolate Limited. Twin Trade, out of London, owns 43%, and Oikocredit, a Dutch micro finance organization, owns the remaining 12%.

Divine Chocolates – The Range

Divine Chocolate’s first introduced product in the UK was Divine Milk Chocolate in 1998. Dark chocolate, white chocolate, and a number of milk chocolate bars with varying flavours were soon to follow, as well as a form of chocolate drink. In 2000, Divine Chocolate collaborated with Comic Relief to produce yet another chocolate bar, Dubble. Divine Chocolate Limited makes its chocolate from the finest cacao beans available in Ghana. Since the very farmers who grow and harvest these beans experience not only Fair-trade regulations, but reap in the benefits of the company as well, a high quality chocolate produced from the finest of Ghana cacao beans serves as a mark of excellence for Divine Chocolate Limited. In the UK, Divine Chocolate is widely available from wholesalers and major supermarkets. Introduced to the US in 2007, Divine Chocolate can be found in a number of natural food stores, gift shops, food, co-ops, and Wild Oats Markets throughout the country. In addition, Divine Chocolate most recently was authorized as a quality vendor for the Nordstrom chain of department stores.

Divine Chocolate Reviews

I’ve tried a few of their chocolate bars and Easter eggs, as well as other novelty chocolates. Here’s what I’ve reviewed so far:

  • Divine Christmas Chocolate Gift Box – Rating: 73%
  • Divine Dried Sliced Mangos Covered in 70% Dark Chocolate – Rating: 67.5%
  • Divine Whole Brazil Nuts Covered In 70% Dark Chocolate – Rating: 80%
  • Divine White Chocolate Bar – Rating: 72%
  • Divine Dried Whole Apricots Richly Covered In 70% Dark Chocolate – Rating: 67%

Divine Chocolate – Awards

Divine Chocolate was the 2002 runner up for the World Aware Award for small businesses. In 2007 it was voted Best Social Enterprise, and in 2008, Best Ethical Business.

Divine Chocolate Recipes

I’m currently working through the recipes that Divine have in their cookbook. So far I’ve made:

Official Site

Their official site offers a great amount of information about their brand, products and ethics; as well as the opportunity to buy online. It’s well worth exploring.

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