Divine 85% Dark Chocolate Bar

Divine 85% Dark Chocolate Bar

I haven’t any dark chocolate at the 85% level for a good level – in fact it was the delightful Amatller Ecuador Single Origin over a year ago. And the lovely people at Ethical Superstore sent me this bar to see what I thought of it seeing as it’s only been out two or three months.

To me Divine chocolate has a very distinctive flavour, I I’m sure I could tell it apart from any bar blindfolded. But that sort of earthy, farmyard flavour that characterises most of their bars seems to have been muted in this one. It’s not lost any character, just is more of a sophisticated affair. To me this bar is more of a dinner jacket or cocktail dress experience. The flavour lines are smooth, sleek and delightful.

Divine 85% Dark Chcolate Bars

At only £1.49 for 100g it’s ludicrously cheap and for that price you won’t expect anything as dynamic as those bars people like to label as “fine” or “gourmet”. But with this bar, what you lose in finesse you make up with a great deal or robustness. There may not be any drama, there’s not twist, turns and sub-plots, but there is a cheerful nature that so wants to please – and does so with aplomb.

This 85% bar of dark chocolate also does have a slight fruity edge to it that seems a perfect replacement for the acidity that you so often find in luxury bars of chocolate around this cocoa level and lower down too. And that’s what does this bar credit. Yes, there is a touch of dryness to it, and yes the texture isn’t as smooth as other bars. But those other bars will be four, five or even six times the price. And not everyone will pay that sort of money for something they’ll see as a just a touch of luxury and aren’t really that interested in the various personalities that the less well-known bars exhibit – this is why for the price range and target audience I’d say it’s the perfect bar of dark chocolate.

Divine 85% Dark Chcolate Bars

I know that I’m a lover of French chocolate from the likes of Chapon and Patrick Roger as wells as the Swiss Beschle, but I do believe Divine are my favourite well-known chocolate brand. If you’ve not tried it yet, then do so.

I’ve not talked about the visual appearance yet. All I can say it’s a damn sexy looking bar of chocolate – even though it is simply packaged. It looks like the sort of bar you could snuggle up with on the sofa with a loved one on a cold Winter’s night with a glass of wine or too. It’s a great indulgence bar of chocolate.

For those who stick their noses up at chocolate that you can get in any supermarket then I implore you to give this bar a try, you won’t regret it.

  • Taste: 80% – there may not be any fireworks, but it a great bar of chocolate for the price..
  • Texture: 70% – obviously not the smoothest bar of dark chocolate, but it holds together well.
  • Appearance: 80% – I loved the external packaging but thought the modl could have been a touch more sophisticated
  • Nutritional Information: 100% – Divine show the rest how to provide nutrional information.
  • Price: 100% – utterly outstanding value for money
  • Overall: 86% – great value dark chocolate for people scared of “luxury” brands. But they’ll be rewarded if they picked it off the shelf.


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  • Mum

    Aroma – slight. Texture – very smooth. Taste – creamy with a slight pleasantly-bitter aftertaste. Didn’t taste as strong as usual for 85% cocoa