Milk Chocolate Dirty Bunnies

Rococo Dirty Bunnies Easter Novelty Chocolate Treats

If you’ve got a child that always wants to be one step ahead of you in the humour stakes and feels they’ve seen it, done it, and bought the t-shirt, then why not get them some of these awesome milk chocolate Dirty Bunnies from Rococo Chocolates? I bet they wouldn’t have seen anything as unique and full of flavour as these.

Essentially they’re a bag of small milk and white chocolate praline bunny rabbits which are incredibly sweet and suited to children who like intense sugariness from commercial chocolate, but you’d rather not consume rubbish stuff full of vegetable fat. Rococo make hugely imaginative, flavoursome and high quality chocolate treats, and this bag of novelty Easter rabbits are most certainly that – especially when you consider what the rest of the bag contains.

Well rabbits are known for their droppings, amongst other stuff, and in the bag you’ll find chocolate feuillette balls to depict their ‘dooings’. And these are so amazing. They’re amazingly crunchy, very sweet and incredibly addictive. You’ll get a good hazelnut flavour and God knows what, stuck to your teeth. Kids will just love these!!

You can also get a Workaholic chicken with a load of mini Easter eggs which I also wish I purchased. As a quick rating I’d give these a 72%. There’s a good 125g in the bag, but I’m left wanting more.

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