Dick Taylor Fleur de Sel Chocolate Bar

Dick Taylor Fleur de Sel

Some times chocolate is far too addictive for your own good. Often I find the most addictive chocolate either is born out of abstaining from the good stuff for far too long or just because it hits all the right notes. Big business spends billions finding the balance of salt, sugar and fats in their products to keep us coming back for more, and more. I can save them a heap load of cash by simply telling them to buy a bar of Dick Taylor Fleur de Sel and copying their ingredients – with a nice royalty cheque going to the craft chocolate makers in Arcata, California.

Dick Taylor Fleur de Sel

Top quality salt brings out a piquancy to chocolate is second to known. Chilli and chocolate works well, but when it comes to added ingredients, nothing can compare with salt. It’s the ‘hit’ to the tip of your tongue on entry that gets my pulse raising. When combined with fantastic craft chocolate and the flavours that swirl around the mouth, smacking your with semi-bitter flavour, knocking you back with flavanols there isn’t much more satisfying.

Dick Taylor Fleur de Sel

For me Dick Taylor chocolate has a liquorice quality. It’s tangy, tart but sweet with it. It also has a working man’s club nicotine edge that adds to the uniqueness of their chocolate. My mind is racing and my fingers trying to keep up. It’s like being on meth I suppose. I try and wrap up the remaining half of the chocolate but feel incapable. Their’s a personal battle going on. There’s a fight of wills. Will I succumb to chocolate demons and have just another bite. One more won’t do any harm. It takes the full force of my will-power to remove the chocolate from sight.

I can’t even remember the core chocolate flavours now. The rush has passed. The guilt has settled. It was worth it.

You see. Chocolate does strange things to people. 95%+ of the chocolate world buys is essentially fat and sugar. Cocoa is used just so they can call it ‘chocolate’ so you’ll buy it. You wouldn’t it if it was called “fatsu” would you? The point you have a very limited opportunity to try chocolate like this, or like most other bean-to-bar makers. Top quality cacao doesn’t make the growers make enough money to survive. Your chemical rushes in the future will be delivered by ‘fatsu’ in the future unless we do something about it now.

You’ve got to start enjoying and spreading the world about chocolate like Dick Taylor and the rest. I haven’t mentioned the origin of this chocolate, nor the beans used. Because the point of this chocolate isn’t about the specific ingredients. It’s about a notion that fine chocolate as an industry and a source of income to many hard-pressed families can not be sustained without your passion for it.

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