Devnaa Signature Chocolate Box 9 Piece

Devnaa Signature Chocolate Box 9 Piece

When I found out about Devnaa I just wanted to try their chocolates. I just adore Indian flavours and spice in general. Until now I’ve never actually tried Indian sweets. That was until Jay contacted me and then offered to send some of their signature chocolates over to see what I thought. And my first impressions when opening up the delivery box was “bloody hell they look gorgeous” – and they do. They look fantastic. The packaging and branding is superb. It’s very bright but not garish.

Devnaa Signature Chocolate Box 9 Piece

I’m usually confused by how to open boxes of chocolates, although the system of getting into the chocolates was unique with clever flaps, I still managed to get in. Even after I lifted the top off and then removed the protective inner sleeve I was met by my favourite way of packaging chocolate – colourful paper. It really does look great when wrapping bon bons and truffles. I may not be a big fan of the plastic casings which were underneath, but prefer how Melt do their selection boxes, but these are still visibly delightful.

Devnaa Signature Chocolate Box 9 Piece

In this nine piece box there were four different varieties and after reading the menu I was hoping that there’d be one of the Almond and Caramel truffles. But alas there wasn’t. Although the four I did get the chance to nibble on were still appealing.

Devnaa Signature Chocolate Box 9 Piece

Just for your information, the ones I didn’t get were the Saffron & Ginger, Rose Cream, Essensual Orange, Milk Chocolate Marvel, Strawberry Sensation, Coconut Karma and the Velvety Vanilla.

Devnaa Signature Chocolate Box- Devnaa Delight

The first I stumped for was the Devnaa Delight which had the pattern of one of the Mr. Kiplings creations on the top and because it had almond in it I just had to go for it first. It did taste very mild. But seeing as my last selection box outing was the Lauden Chocolates which were incredibly sharp and acidic then it was understandable that I’d still be in that mindset. This one, however, was mildly biscuity with a very slight almond flavour and a sweet background note. At first I thought they weren’t particularly interesting, but when you sit back and just let the flavours come out without trying to be objective then the sweetness is actually delightful – especially with the nuttiness that comes through later on.

Devnaa Signature Chocolate Box - Cardamom & Coconut Truffle

The second was the Cardamom & Coconut Truffle. Oooh! I did like this. It tastes ever-so alcoholic but that comes from the intense vanilla ganache which is fantastic. The dark chocolate shell might only get a look in flavour-wise after the coconut notes have dissipated, but it works very well. In fact it’s very much like a rollercoaster of flavours.

Devnaa Signature Chocolate Box - Cinnamon Crispy Praline

The third was the Cinnamon Crispy Praline which was hard for me to like too much as I’m not a big fan of praline. But thankfully it tasted more of apple strudel. I know! The texture added another dimension and a good foil to the soft truffles. It is quite sweet, but in a completely different way to any of the others.

Devnaa Signature Chocolate Box - Chai Masala

And lastly the Chai Masala which I thought would be interesting to compare to the Matcha chocolates. Here we had a thick milk chocolate shell which let the tea flavour of the truffle come through. This was much more of a delicate affair compared to the previous two. It crumbled away in my hands on the second bite, but the flavours were sweet in a well-rounded, natural fashion. The Chai flavour wasn’t overly prominent, but sort of held hands with the milk chocolate casing without either leading the way.

I actually liked these a great deal. There wasn’t anything punchy or aggressive with them. They were more like perfect bon bons for after a meal just to lift your palate. They actually seem perfect for an autumn evening – it just seems the flavours have that sorted of muted tone. Or it could be that we’ve got Autumnal weather up here?

  • Taste: 70% – nice soft flavours and perfect for those people that say they don’t like anything too spicy.
  • Texture: 70% – there were a range of textures so it would be hard to generalise, but there was definitely something for everyone.
  • Appearance: 95% – absolutely fantastic
  • Nutritional Information: 80% – there was a handy menu with pictures as well as a great deal of information regarding the ingredients on the underside of the box.
  • Price: 80% – at £5.49 for the box of nine they are very good value
  • Overall: 79% – definitely worth a try if you like to broaden your horizons


Where To Buy The Devnaa Signature Chocolate Box 9 Piece
  • Devnaa
  • You can also buy Devnaa’s chocolate bars here.


Other Information:
  • 10p per sale goes to HEA charity to help reduce poverty in India

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