Devnaa Limited Edition Honey & Cardamom Fudge

Devnaa Limited Edition Honey & Cardamom Fudge

Over the last couple of years and a few reviews of those wonderful Indian-inspired chocolates I’ve been become a huge fan of what Devnaa do. Being very partial to the powerful flavours of Indian cuisine as well including the subtle ones that defines Jay and his team’s chocolate there was no way that I was not going to like these limited edition cardamom and honey pieces of fudge encased in dark chocolate.

Inside the Honey & Cardamom Fudge Box

Everything they do looks absolutely fantastic, the packaging has rich, elegant and deep colours which should make even the most sensory-deprived of people want to consume its contents. Inside the box you’ll find sixteen dark chocolate squares all perfectly identical and all housing the most wonderful fudge I have ever tasted.

Sixteen pieces of fudge

In the past the fudge I have reviewed have put me one step too close to a sugar overdose, whilst these seem far less dominated with sweetness and more about flavour. Those flavours are mild and warming – perhaps like sitting with a hot mug of milk with cardamom whilst watching the sun goal down over a Goan beach.

The texture of the honey and cardamom fudge

Those flavours are clean, interesting and smooth. The honey doesn’t dominate but provides that smoothness whilst the cardamom lifts up those tones and provides a much more intriguing experience.

It’s always great to try chocolates that aren’t complex, rum unctuous or try to be ‘clever’. This fudge offered a good, simple flavour which was executed incredibly well – most delicious indeed.

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  • 78% – absolutely loved them!

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  • Interesting. I have only tried Devnaa chocolate once, and found it far too sweet and some of it oddly grainy in texture.
    Which is a shame as I love the packaging and the people behind it seem really nice.
    Your comment that this item isn’t too sweet and allows the flavours to come through nicely suggests that perhaps I should try them again?