Devnaa Coffee Masala Caramels

How often have you sat down to do something with a box of chocolates beside you and got completely distracted? That’s what happened with these Coffee Masala Caramels from Devnaa. I was supposed to be cogitating about how they look, feel and taste; but I was just so immersed in the moment there was none of the ‘reviewing’ that I sat down to do. Metaphorically slapping myself about the chops I can say that if you like coffee-flavoured chocolates with one heck of a kick, you’ll love these.

Lifting the lid

Slowing down, and thinking deeply about the flavours: these caramels are virtually entirely an intense espresso-style coffee experience that dominates through the melt. Only slowly at the end do some of the more unusual ingredients such as cinnamon, cardamom, cloves and ginger come into focus. They then linger as the coffee flavour runs its course. But I’m not sure how I feel about that, as I love all of those flavours. On initial thought it would have been nice for the spices to be more obvious and joust with the coffee. However, on reflection I think it’s a positive and bold move by Jay and his team to do something less “Indian”. You see, many of their chocolates are definitely inspired by their heritage, that it’s nice to try something less overtly from the sub-continent.

The caramel centre

Typically I love those spicy tones their filled chocolates exhibit, but these, with their acute coffee & caramel characteristics are so much bolder than anything they’ve offered before. Don’t be fooled, however,  into thinking that these caramels are only about the flavour. As good as it is, the texture also plays a significant part in their enjoyment. On top you’ll find what looks like sugar crystals and ground coffee which gives the first bite in a delightful crunchy feel.

An even closer look at the caramel.

The 65% cocoa solids shell is thick, creamy, smooth and jam-packed with flavour – presumably from the spices mentioned above. The caramel holds its own in terms of texture. Personally, I don’t like caramel to be too liquid and this has just the level of gooiness to spread evenly within the mouth but not disappear too quickly.

Overall they are full of interesting and sharp flavours and are very sweet. I could possibly manage only three or four in any given session. But that you get your money’s worth at £15.95 for the sixteen caramels. There maybe more soft, considered and mellow chocolates around, but some times its nice to have our taste buds rebooted with an intense chocolate experience.

Quick Rating:
  • 73% – well worth trying!


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