Demarquette Pure Wild 68% Dark Chocolate From Bolivia

Demarquette Pure Wild 68% Dark Chocolate

Wowsers! A lesson from this review is that you should never judge a book by its cover. This bar may look like it was made by a GCSE craft student learning the basics of packaging design, but the contents are as smooth as you could probably want. What’s more the taste is sweet heaven.

The Mast Brothers bar I reviewed yesterday looked great and tasted pretty damn good too, but it wasn’t as complete as this Wild 68% Bolivian bar in terms of taste and texture which made my lengthy walk to the Demarquette shop well worth it.

Demarquette Pure Wild 68% Dark Chocolate Shine

My first mouthful was a wondrous affair. I placed way too much of it in my mouth. But as I broke into it, the chocolate just consumed my gaping void with a delicious soft melted chocolate experience which was just spot on. The sweetness reminded me of chocolate sauce you place on ice-cream, but that’s perfectly acceptable as the richness was an exquisite delight which was as honest as a day is long.

There may not be many flavours competing for your attention as other bars might, but this bar just gives you fantastic chocolate hit as you might expect a caffeine rush from an espresso coffee.

A slight acidic aroma exudes from the chocolate, but it’s soft and delicate and is replicate with the texture. It reminds me of a meadow of sweet pea in summer’s breeze. There’s nothing heroic, macho or pretentious about this bar. It’s bar that is confident in itself. It doesn’t need trowel and a bag of expensive makeup. It is naturally gorgeous.

Demarquette Pure Wild 68% Dark Chocolate Close Up

This natural, unadulterated simplicity of flavour comes from the fact that it’s the first chocolate of the modern era to be made with wild and undeveloped cocoa trees. There’s no mass produced, factory-line processed, intensive harvesting of these cocoa pods. And it tastes better for it.

The negative aspect of this bar, and all of their bars of this ilk is that there’s no nutritional information. The packaging states that it’s a 68% bar made with pure Bolivian cocoa, but there’s no information regarding suitability for vegetarians, vegans or for people with nut, or other allergies. I can’t see any information regarding the use of soya lecithin that might be useful.

But that’s all meaningless if you’re like me, you just love the taste of real chocolate well made. And that’s exactly what this bar is. I just wished the other bar I bought wasn’t the 64% Mexico, but the much darker 80% Uganda so I can get a feel for the more intense end of the Demarquette range. But, that being said, I enjoyed this bar immensely. You must try it!

  • Taste: 90% – delightful. A smidgen too sweet for me.
  • Texture: 98% – rapturous
  • Appearance: 60% – disappointing
  • Nutritional Information: 30% – almost nothing
  • Price: 80% – even though its £7 its great value. Just don’t eat it as quickly as I did!
  • Overall: 71.6% – but if it was just on taste, texture and price it would be 89.33%

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