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A few of us were invited down to Chelsea to take part in a focus group held by Marc Demarquette to go through some single origin bars and filled chocolates that he plans to launch in the coming months. Not only was the evening completely wonderful, but it was topped off by Marc slipping us some of his current range as we left. I’ve been eager to get home for the past couple of days to try them, so here goes.

I’m going to review these in a slightly different way. In fact this way is less “scientific” and more about the pure pleasure of ganaches, the reason being I want to save as many to gorge on after my 10k race for charity this Sunday as I can. Opening up the menu I saw some lovely sounding ganaches including Sicilian Lemon, Brazilian Pink Pepper, Blanc Manger des Antilles, Arabian Coffee, Highland Malt, Passion Fruit, Earl Grey, Java Cinnamon, House Honey, Parisian etc. – that I didn’t get :-(. This only makes me want to pop in the next time I’m in London to buy some of those. What I did get was Caledonian Honey, Moroccan Mint Tea, Seville Orange, Green Tea & Jasmin, Thai Lemongrass, Parisian, Raisin and Rivesaltes and Tunisian Bharat. Now don’t they sound amazing?

So here’s my pre-race three. Firstly I tried the Tunisian Bharat which is wonderfully soft mixture of spices within a dark ganache. With this you have a delightful smoothness along the centre of your tongue whilst the sharp, interesting flavours of the spices tantalise the edges. Most definitely this is a great mild ganache for warmer evenings sat in the garden with a glass of wine and the papers.

Next I tried the Fleur de Sel which had a soft caramel centre which included the slightest pinch of Brittany salt. Again, this was wonderfully mild, with the sweetness of the caramel in perfect step with the sharp acidity of the salt. The dark chocolate shell certainly played third fiddle to the other flavours, but the rest of the ganaches in the box will serve certainly offer you the classic chocolate flavour if you so wish.

The third could well have been coconut and banana, but as the flavours were mild I just couldn’t be completely sure. Again it was delightful. The trouble I have now is resisting temptation long enough so that I don’t gobble the rest of them before the race.

… I couldn’t. The Raisin one was very much like rum and raisin ice cream, whilst the Seville orange was absolutely perfect. There was none of that faux orange flavour – this was absolutely spot on!

I’m sorry for the quick review. But this was supposed to be my treat after a hard week at work (cough).

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  • Barcachoco

    Demarquette is far better than the massively over-hyped william curley.