Demarquette Mexico 64% Dark Chocolate Bar

Demarquette Mexico 64% Dark Chocolate Bar

This Demarquette Mexico 64% bar at first gave me the impression it was the more softly spoken cousin of the Artisan du Chocolat Jamaica 72% I reviewed earlier in the month as it has a very similar “marmite” aroma but toned done a touch and replaced with a blueberry fruitiness to it with the flavour. It seems the Demarquette bar certainly wins on flavour, but loses on appearance – or wins on execution but loses on choreography if you want to put it into figure skating terms.

Whenever I review a bar of Demarquette (such as the wild Bolivian 68%) I rave about the flavour but rage about the appearance and nutritional information. I’m glad to see they’ve improved a touch with this bar by placing a cheaply printed tasting guide which read:

“This is a strong and “masculine” chocolate with musky wood presence with long lasting aromatic body. Very uplifting cocoa, a chocolate to savour delicately.”

This is poor in comparison to the information that Artisan du Chocolate offer on the packaging of their bars, Original Beans do on theirs, Amano does and Chocolate Trading Co. do on theirs – even though the quality or the wrapping was less appealing than the others. If I’m paying £7 for a 75g of chocolate, I’m not only paying for quality chocolate, I’m paying for an experience. Feeling excited about the packaging, reading something about the chocolatier and comparing how I tasted the bar against their tasting notes is all part of the whole experience.

Demarquette Mexico 64% Dark Chocolate Bar

That being said, and with a great deal of angst, I move on to the most important aspects …. the aroma is incredibly powerful and very much like the Artisan du Chocolate Jamaica, but is completely different in terms of the flavour. If you were expecting the marmite characteristics to continue with the flavour then you’d be disappointed. This aspect was rounded with a fruity edge that just offers the slightest acidity. If you like your dark chocolate with a sweet tone then this is perhaps the perfect bar of dark chocolate.

Demarquette Mexico 64% Dark Chocolate Bar

The overall experience is quite intoxicating. It feels like I’m eating a pink champagne truffle with the sweet fruity context and there’s a pseudo alcoholic feeling – which I can’t work out how it is created. In fact if you take a big bite you’ll notice an incredibly caramel experience at the end which is wonderful. But it’s also the texture that is amazing. The melt lasts a lifetime, is thick, creamy and delightful. I just love it. But damn you, put it in sexy packaging will you? It’s like putting the most beautiful women in the world – Jimena Navarrete (who just happens to be Mexican) in ill-fitting joggers, scraggy jumper from a charity shop, aux naturale in the make-up department and having not washed her hair for a couple of weeks. She’d still be beautiful, but she’d be less attractive with a nice elegant dress and a bit of slap on.

Overall this bar tastes delightful (ok, more than that!), but the whole experience was tarnished because of how the bar was presented. Just give me the bar naked ;-)

  • Taste: 95% – you knew I loved it
  • Texture: 95% – fantastic
  • Appearance: 60% – its a nice shade of red, but that’s all.
  • Nutritional Information: 30% – all I knew was that it was made from Mexican cocoa.
  • Price: 80% – I know its £7 but its about 40% cheaper than Amano and you get about 50% more.
  • Overall: 72% – I won’t mention the …


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Nutritional Information:
  • Next to none. I don’t know if its made with cane sugar or has any soya lecithin. Come on Marc, we deserve better!


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