Demarquette Chocolate

Demarquette Chocolate

Marc Demarquette opened his chocolate boutique in London in 2006. It is a small, family run chocolate shop that takes great pride in its quality chocolates. There is only one small shop located on Fulham Road, Chelsea, where the chocolates are produced, as well as a website where Demarquette’s products may be purchased. In addition, Marc’s collection of bespoke chocolates, which he created for Fortnum and Mason, can be purchased in a number of quality London chocolate shops.

The Chocolate

All Demarquette chocolate products are preservative free and apply only artisan craftsmanship. No machinery is used in the creation of these delightful chocolates, as Marc believes nothing can match the quality of handcrafted chocolates. From scrumptious truffles to delightful caramel creams and quality chocolate bars, Demarquette carries a delicious line of artisan chocolate for any occasion. Experience the pleasure of fine hand made chocolates from Demarquette.

Chocolate Bars

Demarquette’s Covertures Chocolate Bars include an award winning House Covertures of 65% Caribbean/Latin American Blend, a 99% pure chocolate bar, plain milk chocolate, an 85% House blend and a 65% blend with almonds. They also offer 15 varieties of Pure Range Bars that are produced from cacao beans harvested in a particular range. The Pure Range collection includes such delicious chocolate bars as Peru 65%, Uganda 80%, Madagascar 64% and Boliva 68%.

Caramel Creams

Demarquette offers two delightfully delicious collections of Caramel Creams. These collections include The Great British Orchard and The English Garden.

  • The Great British Orchard

This assortment of Fruit Caramel Creams is crafted from a combination of the 65% House chocolate blend and creamy Malagasy chocolate and filled with caramel made from Hampshire Cream and fresh fruit. The classic caramel creams in The Great British Orchard collection include:

  • Sussex Black Current
  • Scottish Raspberry
  • Kentish Pear
  • Cornish Sea Salt
  • Devon Strawberry
  • Yorkshire Rhubarb

The English Garden

The English Garden consists of artisan flower shaped caramel creams with an aromatic floral bouquet. Created from a blend of the 65% dark chocolate and a 45% milk chocolate and filled with quality caramel infused with floral flavours, this luxurious collection includes:

  • Rose
  • Lavender
  • Violet
  • Heather Honey
  • Elderflower
  • Manuka

After Dinner Range

This delightful collection of after dinner chocolates includes Nature Ganache, Moroccan Mint Tea and Seville Orange. The After Dinner Range Selection box includes 27 fresh chocolates.

Gifts and Other Chocolate

In addition to Demarquette’s range of quality chocolate bars and caramel creams, they also carry a variety of gift boxed chocolate truffles, coated almonds, Demarquette Classic boxed collections and a large selection of gift items and ideas.

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