Death By Chocolate And Terrorism

It seems that chocolatiers are going to greater and greater extremes to get attention. Previously we had Patrick Roger creating the Berlin Wall in chocolate, we’ve had chocolate covered cars and then yesterday morning I broke the news to the Twittersphere that Karl Lagerfield used 10.5 tonnes of chocolate to promote Magnum ice creams with a life size chocolate hotel room and a man relaxing on a chocolate bed.

But I’ve found now gruesome scenes of dismembered bodies made out of chocolate. Apparently its all for the name of art. Maybe Osama Bin Laden was still in his hideout in Abbottabad back in 2009 when these images were created, but surely Stephen J Shanabrook should have thought twice about combining something so horrific with the one pleasure that so many people actually get to have these days? Perhaps I just “don’t get” art?

Where are the boundaries that art shouldn’t cross so that people’s sensibilities aren’t shocked like this? I’m not going to say that every time I have a bar of chocolate I’ll think of shredded bodies, but surely there’s no place for this sort of stuff in today’s world? Can’t we have some pleasures not tainted by this freak show? What next? We’ll have a band called chocolate fetus?

What do you think? Cheap publicity stunt, or relevant reminder of the world’s ills? Would it be right to do a chocolate figure of a mutilated Osama?

Lee McCoy

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    I will have the pancreas.