Dark Chocolate Spoons

I bought this box of dark chocolate spoons from the Chocolate Trading Co for a hefty £7.95 because I thought they were interesting and with Christmas just around the corner I thought I could try and see if I could use them during the Christmas dinner. I’ll do this in three stages. I’ll look at them as purely just chocolate then later on I’ll try them with tonight’s pudding which is “2 Heritage Raspberry & Belgian White Chocolate Sponge Puddings” and I’ll see if the wife will let me interrupt our meal and take some photos. And then I’ll try and get some more on Christmas day with people trying them out – that may be interesting if we’ve finished off the Champagne by then!

Firstly I was very impressed with the packaging. It may look like that these chocolates are produced by a third party and then labelled as being by the Chocolate Trading Co, but that doesn’t distract from the uniqueness of these chocolate spoons. They’re utterly adorable!

What I love about them is that they’re actually smaller than I thought they’d be. Each one is only a bit bigger than 3 1/2 of inches (that’s 9cm to younger people) long. Their daintiness adds to the overall experience. I’m sure that young girls would love them as much as dinner party guests.

And the taste is pretty exquisite too. They’re made from 72% cocoa dark chocolate with a rich, nutty taste that would compliment a Irish coffee or a white chocolate pudding. I’m going to put the oven on and then will continue the rest of the review with our pudding to see how they fair.

If you do happen to read this review before I get a chance to update with the other pictures then pop along to Chocolate Trading Co. to find out more!

I think I should have tried a different pudding as I don’t think it worked well with the blandness of the sponge and the extreme sweetness of the fruit comfit type thing.

It was nice, however, to add a bit of chocolatiness to the sponge as part of the spoon melted when I plunged it in. It’s all good fun. But I’ll be trying them with some other pudding next time!


Taste: 70% – nice and fairly strong with a slight nutty flavour.

Texture: 70% – they’re made from good quality chocolate so there’s a nice crunch and melt to them.

Appearance: 80% – they do look fabulous.

Nutritional Information: 70% – there’s sufficient on there, and they do say they may contain traces of nuts.

Price: 60% – they are expensive, but novel with it.

Overall: 70% – well worth trying out for parties!


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