Dark Chocolate Grand Marnier & Orange Truffles

Dark Chocolate Grand Marnier & Orange Truffles

And here were have another lovely Christmassy chocolate truffle delight from Chocolate Craft after the Christmas Pudding Truffles I reviewed nearly a month ago. And these Grand Marnier and Orange truffles look just as appealing.

Dark Chocolate Grand Marnier & Orange Truffles

I don’t actually recall the last time I had Grand Marnier, but it must have been in that alcoholic experimental phase I had as a teenager when I got introduced to Rum & Shrub – it was all downhill after then. Here you get six of the alcoholic truffles for ¬£5.20. They don’t instantly give off an overly strong alcoholic aroma, more of a dark earthy one. It’s still appealing, but not as intoxicating as I expected.

Grand Marnier and Orange Truffles

The dark chocolate shell is gentle across the top, but the base is wonderfully thick and offers some good resistance after your teeth have cut through the soft, rich truffle centre. At which point you can start to notice the flavours.

At first the orange is the most dominant note and as that dies down the Grand Marnier comes through, but not strongly, only enough to still give the dark chocolate flavours a chance to retake control of the experience.

I’m stuck in two minds. I love dark, earthly flavours; but at Christmas I also love to indulge in extreme richness. I like to fold into the sofa late into the night on Christmas evening knowing that I’ve consumed a week’s worth of calories. I won’t get that with these truffles. They’re still intoxicating but won’t leave you feeling with that icky feeling when you’ve eaten too much rich chocolate. I must say, they’re definitely worth trying though.

They’re certainly not as delicate as pink Champagne truffles, they’re more dark than that. As long as you’re aware of that then you should be fine.

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