Artisan du Chocolat Darjeeling TBar

I’ve tried the Dolfin Dark Chocolate With Earl Grey Tea which was a curious but delightful affair. This Artisan du Chocolat Darjeeling Dark Chocolate Bar feels a lot more bitter with a less obvious tea taste. It’s still wonderful, but different.

Artisan du Chocolate have a new selection of chocolate bars with a wonderful theme for the packaging which, although don’t picture on the cover, do look very appealing. It’s black with a silver Indian type design which would be good enough to give as a Christmas present without any wrapping (I’m lazy, I know).

I usually prefer the inner chocolate wrapping to be of silver or gold foil, I’m not a big fan of the cellophane wrapping. To my mind it cheapens the product, but given the cost of metals these days its understandable.

Also I like chocolate with a nice pattern on it, or something to differentiate it from the rest. The Amatller Ecuador Single Origin 85% Dark Chocolate Bar has a wonderful design, whilst the Pralus bars like the Bresil 75% dark chocolate bar also have a simple, but nice design. I just think that Artisan du Chocolat could have tried a bit harder with the visual appearance of these TBars.

But the look of a chocolate bar only goes so far. It’s the taste and texture that are the important factors. The taste is strong, but with a mild hazelnutty, tobacco flavour that reminds me of a misty winter’s morning. There’s complexity to it, but nothing as robust as the Pralus Trinidad 75% Dark Chocolate.

The texture is good, not great. It’s very fine and does have a nice melt, but there’s something holding it back – which I just can’t put my finger on.

Overall its a very nice dark chocolate bar that should be tried.


Taste: 77% – It’s nice, rounded, fairly robust with a fairly complicated nature.

Texture: 70% – Soft, fine, nice melt, but there’s just has the “wow factor” missing.

Appearance: 65% – A story of two halves. The outer packaging is very nice, the inner and chocolate design is just lacking, with little imagination.

Nutritional Information: 40% – I’m trying not to be too harsh. But I do like a bit more information than they gave on the bar.

Price: 75% – At £2.50 its not going to break the bank and is about right.

Overall: 65.4% – could do better.

Nutritional Information:
Minimum Cocoa Content: 72%
Dietary: May contain traces of nuts, sesame, milk and soya lecithin

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