Daniel Jones Tonka Bean

Back in January I reviewed Daniel Jones’ Orange & Bee Pollen bar and loved it. But now I’m trying his Tonka Bean bar which I’m going to undoubtedly compare the now defunct Thorntons version.

This one uses 37% cocoa solids Dominican Republic Trinitario couverture as its base and Brazilian tonka beans as the flavouring. But as you open up the basic packaging you’ll be distracted by the undeliverable gloss-like shine that you could almost use as a mirror. But yet again, that’s not what you should be focusing on.

Actually snapping off a piece you’ll notice a fantastic, crisp snap which releases milky overtones which belies the intense tonka flavour contained within. It’s actually a lot more powerful than the Thorntons version – and I just love that interesting flavour. It’s very difficult to describe but it’s almost like marzipan as it has a great sweetness to it but curious nutty tones that aren’t like any nuts you would have tried in the past.

There is one problem with this chocolate though – there’s just not enough of it. Although it’s very sweet. I thoroughly enjoyed it and that’s why it’s getting a rating of 77%.

Where To Buy This Tonka Bean Bar
  • Daniel Jones Chocolatier – £3.99


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