Cadbury Double Choc Dairy Milk

It was a tough call. I had to choose between reviewing the Galaxy Cookie Crumble chocolate bar or this Cadbury Dairy Milk Double Chocolate bar. Of course I went for the double chocolate one for a couple of reasons. The first is that I just love what Cadbury are doing at the moment with coming out with a range of different versions of the Dairy Milk bar (see the Dairy Milk with Apricot Crumble Crunch) and also because I just love double chocolate cookies (especially from Asda)).

What I loved about the bar is that when you open it you get a fantastically sweet double choc aramo that mimics that of the cookies exceptionally well. This is a huge plus point for me!

What I got when I bit into the chocolate bar was completely unexpected. I thought I’d get darker chocolate pieces incorporated into it. What I actually got was like a chocolaty caramel filling. I just wish they used dark chocolate, may be at around 65%, instead of this non-event of a filling. It is nice and I’m sure I’ll be enjoying the bar sometime over the next week.

This is the main issue. The bar is so sweet that I’m sure many of you would find it difficult to have more than a line of the four squares in anyone go. It’s so sweet that I’ve almost downed a pint of orange squash to take the flavour away.

Again, Cadbury offer exceptional nutritional information that essentially can’t be surpassed. Another excellent note is the price, I paid £1.58 from Asda, but you can also get it from Sainsburys for £1.79.

But I’ll leave this thought with you … each chunk has 40 calories!!!! FORTY!!

    • Taste: 64% – It’s not bad, but a bit too sweet for me, and I’d say most of you out there that have tasted milk chocolate like the Valrhona Jivara Fine 40% bar.


  • Texture: 57% – we know that Dairy Milk isn’t the pinnacle of milk chocolate and that, given it only has a minimum 20% cocoa content, its going to have a slightly oily texture so I can rate it too highly. Also the caramel-type centre is a bit too sticky for me.



  • Appearance: 76% – its got the typical Dairy Milk branding which isn’t as big a departure from the iconic styling as the apricot Dairy Milk bar.



  • Nutritional Information: 90% – great stuff



  • Price: 80% – a nice priced bar



  • Overall: 73.4% – the score is only really raised because of the nutritional information is so great. Otherwise it would have had a score of 69.25%



Where To Buy The Cadbury Dairy Milk Double Choc
  • Asda
  • Sainsburys
Nutritional Information:

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