Combine Cute With Class for Your Valentine’s Gifts

As the calendar turns to February, millions of partners begin to panic. Of course you love your significant other and want to let them know how special they are to you. However, isn’t a bad gift worse than not doing anything at all? It can be a lot of pressure to pick out something that your loved one will appreciate and cherish. Luckily, most of the stress is smoke and mirrors; it really isn’t as hard as it seems to get an impressive gift for your lover. Chocolate, of course, is always a smart place to start. If you want to keep it quality, but still maintain a low-key day, there are plenty of chocolate gifts that combine a classy feel and flavor with a big dose of cute.

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The Theme Gets to Shine
Cute is all about pairing classic shapes and themes in a way that even adults can appreciate. When you are looking at the chocolates you want to include in your Valentine’s gift, shapes such as animals and plants definitely fit the bill. Luckily, many fine chocolate makers do this with particular panache. Demarquette chocolates, for example, has several cute chocolates that they market as pop-art chocolate; shapes include cows and pigs. These, of course, not only look cute but taste amazing. Rococo, on the other hand, has a full line of chocolate shaped like various animal and vegetable products, including mushrooms and quail eggs. Another cute option is featured at Not on the High Street; this creative charmer begins with a flowerpot of chocolate that is filled with a flower-shaped lollipop with edible leaves and a great novelty chocolate Valentine’s gift.

The Word is Out
Besides themed and shaped chocolates, words can go a long way to making a particular confection cute. One of the simplest ways that this idea is played out is with the various alphabet chocolates, such as those at Not on the High Street. Letters can be ordered individually to spell out the love message of your choice. Another take on this theme uses a chocolate plaque, either square or heart shaped, and prints or pipes a message on it in a contrasting color of chocolate, making an edible card of sorts. Even boxed chocolates and truffles can use this idea, with a different letter printed on each square and the confections arranged in the box to spell out your message. Cute, especially when done with class, is almost always a hit, particularly when it tastes so good.

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