The Chocolate Café Crème Caramel Milk Chocolate Bar

On my latest trip over to The Chocolate Café for a lovely lunch (they do amazingly, fresh, wholesome, local food) Paul wouldn’t let me leave without giving me an Easter egg and bar of his new crème caramel milk chocolate bar to go home with to review. And having been a bit of a fiend for dark chocolate this week I thought it’d be a perfect time to give this bar a go, knowing full well that’d it be on the sweet side.

The Chocolate Café Crème Caramel Milk Chocolate Bar Packaging

And I wasn’t wrong. After a hard day’s work I normally need a bit of boost and I do regularly reach for the milk chocolate part of my chocolate stash to supply that – and this bar does a great job in providing me with that rush. But what I was surprised about was the very well-rounded crème caramel flavour was. I was expecting something more saccharine rather than the archetypal caramel tone, so if you’re a lover of true, home-made, caramel flavours then this bar will certainly hit the spot for you.

The Chocolate Café Crème Caramel Milk Chocolate Bar Mould

The milk chocolate itself doesn’t come through a great deal, it’s completely dominated by the caramel, but that’s no bad thing to be honest – not that chocolate is poor, because it’s not, but because if you wanted a milk chocolate flavour, you would have picked their premium milk chocolate bar instead.

The Chocolate Cafe Creme Caramel Bar Texture

Of course the packaging follows the branding faithfully and the mould is the same as the others, but I don’t recall the other bars in this range as having such a fantastic shine and solid design, there’s no air bubbles which many small scale production bars have, instead “bob on”.

The question would be: would I buy it again? Probably not, only because I’d be more tempted to go for his honeycomb bar or his 70% dark chocolate bar instead.

As a quick rating, taking into account the lovely soft, creamy texture, the well-rounded flavours and the price (at about £3.50) each, I’d have to score it at 70% – but only if you need a sugar rush. Also I’d say it’s perfect with a cuppa -and I’m just off to get myself one.

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