Wellington Chocolate Craft Beer Bar

Wellington Chocolate Factory Craft Beer Bar

On my recent Radio 2 appearance I was asked about what the best chocolate makers were and I mentioned that the Wellington Chocolate Factory was one that comes to mind. That opinion certainly hasn’t changed after tasting this ‘Craft Beer Bar’. That previous experience was all about the chocolate itself – there were no inclusions and nothing to distract you from the beautiful, adult flavours that Dominican Republic cacao can offer.

Sprinkling all sorts of stuff on top of chocolate is nothing new – we’ve even had dried chicken from the Chocolate Cafe. These Kiwis have, however, used Nelson Sauvin hops and Gladfield toffee malt – which may actually be more addictive than heroin. There is simply no understating how this combination of tartness with the sweetness of the Paraguay Manduvira sugar is – it’s just beyond words.


Looking at the flavours that play second fiddle to the heroin-like profile; the hops play an almost hidden role, but do convey a sense of naturalness, almost like when you’re planning down an old door and those woody aromas lift off of it. The base chocolate also plays a similar role, but more pronounced. It comes to the fore three-quarters the way through the melt and offers a smoky profile which then allows for the various sugars to come to dominate.

This is such an intoxicating, deliriousness-inducing chocolate that just has to be tried (hopefully I can bring sufficient into the UK). International air shipping is NZ $28 about £11 or US $18 – but it’s worth it. You can buy this chocolate and others here.

Lee McCoy

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  • Geert Vercruysse

    Hi Lee, I’m ordering the bars of WCF for selling them in my shop, maybe this Craft beer bar I better skip.